On March 24, we transmit the news that GTA online The players were being banned by playing GTA 5 History mode. A week later, Rockstar Games finally responded to these reports, recognizing the problem. If you missed the original reports, players reported that they received an alert screen when they were trying to enter from GTA online from GTA v mode story saying that the user had been banned. That said, according to Rockstar Games, the players are not really being banned.

«We are aware of a problem in which Grand Theft Auto V players in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S that change to GTA online through the characters wheel, an alert screen is presented that indicates that are prohibited as a result From a communication error with Rockstar Games Services, it is read in the statement. “Be sure that players are not being prohibited as a result of finding this message.”

The statement continues:

Rockstar's Greedy GTA Online Membership Is Ridiculous - What Happened To GTA V?
“If you try to join GTA online through the home page or the pause menu, you will see a more precise message in case an error occurs when communicating with the RockStar Games services or connected to GTA online as appropriate. Note: Prohibition messages that appear in other contexts are not affected and accurately reflect the status of the associated account ».

So, when will this problem be solved? Rockstar Games does not say it. At this time, the problem is apparently still a problem, you do not know when this will change, and you do not know what this problem is causing. What we do know is that this problem is limited to PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

As always, we will keep you informed as the situation develops, but for now, this is the full extension of the statement and everything we know about the situation.

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