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Detroit: becoming human arrives on PC on December 12

Quantic Dream, the developer of Detroit: becoming human, revealed that the old PlayStation exclusivity would pass to the PC on December 12. Interested players will be able to play it as an Epic Games Store exclusivity. It follows ForTe Rain and Au-de-de-Délé of two souls Quantic Dreams seeks to present his narrative games to a wider audience.

DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 12 - NORTH (PS4 Pro)

Detroit: Become human on PC presents a revised interface and engine, better suited to the mouse and the keyboard, and allowing to make the most of the rendering power available on modern computers.

“Porter the game on PC was a major challenge because we wanted the players to benefit from the original experience without any compromise. We have therefore completely redesigned the interface and developed a new engine offering a 4K resolution and a high quality rendering on a wide range of PCs, ”says David Cage, screenwriter and director.

The game revolves around three Androids, the player exploring the life of all three. Kara escapes her owners to explore her sensitivity and protect a young girl. Connor’s work consists in looking for sensitive androids, and Markus is a fighter of Android freedom, doomed to awaken his fellow men to their exploitation.

Due to the open nature of the narration, the choice of the player can lead to the death of characters, but the game can continue without them, because the choices of dialogue and the connection decisions you take have an impact on the world that you surrounded.

Detroit: become human will be released exclusively on Epic Games Store on December 12, at a price of $ 40. A game demo will be available the same day, if you want to try it before buying it.

Physical games continue to sell well in the kingdom

Play this THRILLING throwing & defence PE game with your students: 'Protect the Castle'
According to recent sales graphics in the United Kingdom, physical games continue to sell well despite the pressure of several companies for digital sales. Black Friday’s sales of Black Week saw more than a million physical games sold, mainly FIFA 21 and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. From one year to the next, this still shows a drop compared to the physical games of last year sold in the United Kingdom, which was closer to 1.3 million, but it is only a slight drop Given the impact of the COVID-19 this year. FIFA 21 is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

While FIFA 21 and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War are at the top of the sales classification of Black Friday week in the United Kingdom, Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to dominate sales in the region by completing the Top three. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla completed the rest of the top five of the UK sales table for last week’s physical games. The title PlayStation Intergenerational, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the best-selling PS5 title in the United Kingdom since last week, Demon’s Souls who have not managed to rank among the first ten.

The other physical games that have sold well in the United Kingdom during last week’s Black Friday offers are Marvel’s Avengers, Minecraft for Nintendo Switch, the limited edition of Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Just Dance 2021. Although ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has retained a head of sale the week of the release of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, it seems that the last opus of the Call of Duty franchise reached the expected summits in the UK a little late.

Which of these best-selling games are you a fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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Craft tone, sandbox -type methus construction on the front of the creator center

[content Park Ye -jin reporter] Craepton will create a C2E (Create to Earn) interactive content platform ‘3D World Cryptic Tometabus‘, which has introduced ‘Creator -centered’ in front.

Park Hyung -cheol, head of the Craepon Web 3.0 Round Table, announced on the 28th at the 2022 Content Industry Forum held at the Korea Content Culture Plaza in Seoul.

Park Hyung -chul announced that Craftton will lower the barriers to entry so that interactive content creators can easily continue their creative activities in the future, creating a creator -based ecosystem by implementing a C2E that makes money. The contents creators, brands, and intellectual property holders with various backgrounds will be able to build a 3D World Crypto Metabus that can generate profit by freely utilizing sandbox tools.

According to Park, the core value of this C2E ecosystem is Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is the key to that we can directly have ownership in Web 2.0, which users produce, consume, and share. The difference is that it is based on blockchain technology, not existing Internet or PC devices.

He also emphasized that blockchain could eventually increase the involvement of creators and to expand creativity. Blockchain technology enhances the network effect that creators and users (fans) can immediately meet without complex intermediate processes, and crayors have more authority and information than game companies, so even more belonging and involvement for fans for fans. I can give it.

In particular, he stressed that alternative token (NFT) could be a means to accurately prove copyright. Park said, “In the digital world, there are many duplications overflowing, so the craftsmanship will be greater to prove and recognized by creators.”

According to Park, Kraftton plans to focus on his own capabilities and strengths as a game company, rather than leading the construction of methuses.

“Craftton is a company that creates fun content and a company that makes it an strength of Interactive content,” he said. We will also add strength to the world of web 3.0 and C2E that can be reborn. ”

The designer of the characters of Toshiyuki Itakhan congratulated Nier fans on 12

In honor of the 12th anniversary of the Nier franchise, the designer of the characters of Toshiyuki Itakhan shared a new illustration, which depicts the characters of Devol and Popol beloved by many players. For the first time, the twin sisters appeared in Nier Replicant, but after the release of Nier: Automata. In the same way, the illustrator is not the first time congratulator the Nier series fans on the holiday.

nier and drakengard fans be like

Toshiyuki Itahan is a game director and designer of the characters of Square Enix, who worked with Hideo Minaba on Final Fantasy IX. Itahan-san is also the chief designer of the characters for the series Crystal Chronicles and spin-offs about the adventures of Chokobo.

The Batman: The continuation of the film with Robert Pattinson announced, what we know

It seemed to be already obvious but it was formalized: Warner Bros and Matt Reeves said tonight during the Cinemacon that a suite at the film The Batman was going to take place.


_The video in header is the second official trailer for the film The Batman, released in France on March 04.

The Batman Sequel CONFIRMED! | The Batman 2 News | Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves

The Batman following: What information do we have?

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, the director and main actor of The Batman, will be back in a second episode. The continuation was announced last night by Toby Emmerich, the CEO of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, during the Cinemacon 2022 . Unfortunately, no additional details were shared, whether it is concerning an outing period or even a starting script. Despite everything, it was Matt Reeves who came on stage indicating that new information is to be expected in “une Cinemacon to come“.

This second film The Batman comes to garnish a batman Cinematic Universe currently growing. Indeed, two derivative series are during the project according to Matt Reeves. It was in interviews to different media that he had then declared that one was devoted to the character of Pingouin, while the other would be asylum the asylum of Arkham.

The Batman was a success in France?

The Batman was released on March 04 and had some critical success, especially in France. Since the beginning of the year, it is he who has been the largest start of 2022 with 1,165,588 admissions . He is ahead of a very small margin the last film in the universe of Harry Potter Les Fantastic Beasts 3: The secrets of Dumbledore (1 132 062) and had largely exceeded the film ” Uncharted (955 650 entries). And according to the latest box office figures, the film approaches the three million admissions made.

In his criticism of the film, JV indicates that “the Batman is a film of general public intended for fans, comic book lovers, superheroic cinema and moviegoles-cinephages, but can also suit a wider audience in Quest for singularity.


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The 1st was Kuste Zodiak (Fincher) mixed with The Dark Knight.

The second will be: a mix between Boudieu and Tdk Rises… on 3:30 (because the 1st was not long enough..)

Read more…



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Bad Bunny will be Spiders villain

The dead , a very secondary villain/antihero of spider-man comics will have its own film Las Vegas part of the Sony Pictures with Marvel , production that is produced adds to others already in the most advanced phLas Vegase such Las Vegas Kraven the hunter or Madame Web . This hLas Vegas been announced by Sony Pictures in the framework of Cinemacon that is celebrated these days from LLas Vegas VegLas Vegas, confirming that the singer Bad Bunny will be in charge of giving life to this Latin wrestling specialist. In this same Sony event he hLas Vegas also announced that Venom 3 (provisional title) and a new installment of Ghostbusters are underway.

The dead: from Spider-Man’s comics

In addition, Sony hLas Vegas already releLas Vegased El Muerto, a film scheduled for January 12, 2024 . Apparently, Bad Bunny himself had been insisting Sony for some time that he wanted to star of cinema to enjoy a totally secondary and forgotten story of the comics of the friend and neighbor Spider-Man .

THE FLASH: SuperHero Kids Classics Compilation!

So much so, that the dead or Juan-Carlos Estrada Sánchez , appeared for the first time in 2006 on the pages of the number 6 of friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, the antihero El Dead is a Lucha Libre specialist of Latin origin who acquires super powers such Las Vegas the superhuman force when he put on his fight mLas Vegask. His pLas Vegassage through the Spider-Man comics concluded to the next number of that collection, which is a character more than forgotten.

According to Bad Bunny about the character of El Muerto, “it is incredible. I love wrestling, I grew up wrestling and I am a fighter. I am a former champion so I love this character. He is perfect for me and will be epic ”. In his brief pLas Vegassage through Spidey’s comics, the dead man had to defeat Spider-Man to discover his secret identity to avoid falling to El Dorado, another fighter.

However, Marvel and Sony already have their own film starring a Latin character after the dc project with Blue Beetle , played by Xolo Maradueña . Bad Bunny will appear soon at Bullet Train next to Brad Pitt .

Do your best new member of society! Business Person Walking at Ultra High Speed with “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD”

(This article is fiction. It does not matter with real person and group)

Spring-it’s a seasonal season . New green season. Something that starts new things. When it comes to spring, people say that people start and start moving busily. This season, with many living environments and many people who change their living environment. Now it seems that the young man who was a student has ever tried to take a new step as a member of society.

His name is Ushino, A. Chogas Sen . A 22-year-old gamer who has just had his home of Shinshu’s soba farmers and has just have been playing in Tokyo. He started his first one alone in the city of Tokyo.

Even though the load is very difficult, a moving-specific ritual, such as notification to the government office and the greetings to the neighborhood, are overlapping and excessive stress. Always the smell of thistle smells, clean and cold water flow, squirrel and fox, and the beautiful local where Nutria was played, the modern Tokyo is a digital procedure that the neuro junky who brings the neon color jumper Because it is a magic cyber jungle….

Such as joining the “sales training” issues and greetings for new houses of newcomers, greetings for new houses, and preparation of home appliances and storage goods, etc. A kun, which was sluggish from Mother, who was sluggish on the life of life, and I remembered the existence of luggage that was included. This is probably a message from her mother who has left the local area. If you open it right away….

“what’s this……?”

Hand hand to the mask, and wear the neck A-kun. When you opened it right, it was a large amount of black boxes that are not familiar.

When I was a student, I was a friend who was told by soba and soccer balls, and acquaintances A-kun, who was a friend who bought it as a friend…… He is very sparse for electronic products including parts, including parts It is. From the characters written in the box, we only know that the product is the name of “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” . “Black” means that it means black, but the others were at all about anemif.

“what’s this……?”

A-kun who emits the same word with exactly the same intonation as before. A-kun. Even if you take up the contents, I do not know at all what is it. However, the fact that the product has a very cool atmosphere, and the fact that it is relieved to attract business personality, the fact that the aura of a fascinating aura is from words, as eloquent sensory information (image infomathion), his cerebrum I will penetrate the new cortex.

“Cospa Supplier Mother Don’t Do Cospa Supplier Mother Don’t Have Extra” -There is such a conviction, A-kun was attracted to this black board. And, “I don’t know what, but now I want to use this product, I want to use this product.” It is full of his chest.

“This is a bookmark.”

A-kun came to use “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” as a book of books. Certainly, its shape is very similar to the book of books. But if it is a bag, there is no meaning that you have such a lot of parts. After that, it is not necessary to be hard to here. There is no need to be able to put in a box like this firmly. A-kun-played friends in the back mountain of a parliament-When I sometimes remembering the voice of the squirrel and foxes who gave the correct advice, the voice of the Nutria Isn’t there? “I noticed it at the last minute.

“Fu…… It was a dangerous place”

A kun lifted glasses in his middle finger.

Next, A-kun started thinking that “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” could not be used as “Sasu”. However, since there is no scale to use it as a thing, it was first to know what CM of the whole.

A kun removes a measure and measuring SSD, saying “I have to measure things twice…” I noticed that it is a time and effort. This way, it is one of the wonderful nature of him and lets you feel the room for growth as a business person.

“what’s this……?”

After that, I think about various usages, and I’m going to shoot with similar poses. This kind of unknown black board is a monolith that gives him intelligence? Or is it a forbidden fruit made to beat humans? I feel like I saw it and it is not a fruit.

After the day-I’m repeated Triand Error while I’m leaving, and I’m an instinctly packed the distance from “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD”. This day is also worthy of the training issues that “Since what you can use to meet people who meet for the first time” and continue to overflow new life in Tokyo. Yes.

Information overmobilic society…… Many work and human relationships that compress the spirit of new employees, and the winning game of the rank match that can not rise at all. A-kun is in the middle of the building city, and it will be home today as well as a family.

So while returning home, a monster sounded from a smartphone that does not rememble black board (2). Apparently, it seems that a call came. It was… that seemed to shake his smartphone.

“What is your good job?”

A-kun that makes you feel nostalgly and gently and gently with a mild mother’s voice, A-kun who floats relief of relief. While loosening the muscles of the face that had been scolded, the toughness of the frozen city tokyo, the tasty taste of tap water, the amount of, Write a window of the alley, etc.

After talking for a while, A-kun has taken the “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” says, “For example,”. He can not come up with the use of this tool for himself… here, he discontinued shame and thought that his mother has no choice but to listen to the application. I’m talking about it earlier, but he is working hard with him and I would like you to say that it is strong.

“That…… I went to the luggage ” WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD “… but I didn’t understand what I use it……”

「あんたは本当に何にも分かってない子だねぇ……いいかい、キッド。今から説明してあげるから、よおくお聞き。あたしゃあ、本当に大事なことってのは一度っきりしか話さないBecause it is decided to

Mother’s voice has a tough and kind sound.

“WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD series is a solid state drive for PC. So-called storage. This game dedicated drive is a PCIe Gen4 interface that achieves ultra-high speed of up to 5,150 MB / s (1TB and 2TB model). It is equipped with strengthening game responsiveness and streaming and realizing realistic experience “

My mother said with a hot voice. “A realization of a feeling!?” And A-kun repeats. Certainly, the “highly responsive” said realistic experience and correlation.

“Yes. Significantly reduce the load time such as the game, and you can participate quickly to match game etc.”


“This SSD is a cost-effective model and is ideal for beginners who use entry class gaming PC. It is equipped with advanced temperature management technology that helps maintain stable performance, and 5 years of product warranty difference”

A-kun that is unmanageable with PC parts deepened, and the understanding of “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” deepened. In other words… “You can install a lot of games if this black board is incorporated into a PC.” And “I can read their games with ultra-high speed and play comfortably”, which has a “recommended cost performance for entry class gaming PC users”. This explanation also matched her mother’s public image. Her mother’s values were “Cospa” as a top. And why she was convinced that Mother had made this product to her moving luggage.

“It is convinced ~ !!!!”

A-kun screamed in a huge font. He was now well connected to “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” with a strong connection than the PC and SSD connection. His thinking has become the speed of reading SSD and it has become much more clear than ever.

“It is convinced ~ !!!!”

A-kun continued to scream all night.

–the next day. It was a day when A-kun will take the first step as a great arm business person. He pushes the chime of the neighborhood’s house with a look full of confidence.

“I’m sorry for your busy!”

“Yes…… What kind of use”

Almost Perfect! - WD Black SN770 Gen4 SSD Review
“I am moving around the day the other day A. Today I can use the additional storage of your PC I would like to introduce” WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD “, visited! “


“This SSD is a large-capacity solid state drive, and it is very good for cost performance. It can be said that it can be said to be an optimal product for beginners who use the entry class gaming PC . Stable performance Equipped with advanced temperature management technology that helps maintain, 5 years of product warranty is also incidental. This time we have prepared 1TB model, but if you wish to have a larger capacity! “

A kun has a sellingstoke that has been inherited from his mother, has a strong shake of the neighbor’s emotions. There is a coincidence, and the neighborhood is relaxed and gacheal PC gamer. His PC’s storage was very pan bread because it is a kchi who played out at night, as well as interpersonal online games and AAA titles. It was good ~!

After that, despite the side of the move of moving, the next door pays the current nama of 104,300 yen (the real sale price) to get “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” says It will not reach.

“I’m successful!”

A-kun drinking one-sake while looking at the “WD_BLACK SN 770 NVME SSD” with a clear pleasant way like a family. Several days ago, he may have been a black board with a black board, but… A kun is now a good “business person”.

For him, “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” is the first important product and is a cost-effective Gamer SSD… and also the first “companion”. As before, there is nothing wrong with a hook.

Thus, the first success in Tokyo, the “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” was decorated at A-kun’s bedside. Surely “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” is also a dream that runs in the sky.

Perfect for gamers that handle the gaming PC that hissy to the entry class, offer excellent cost performance, high-speed loading speed to enhance your gaming quality of life “WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD”. It is currently on sale with 250 GB / 500 GB / 1TB / 2TB and 4 lineups.

“WD_BLACK SN770 NVME SSD” Product Specification

  • Form factor: M.2 2280
  • Interface: pcie gen4 x 4
  • Sequential read performance: 4000MB / s
  • Sequential write performance: 2000MB / s
  • Random Read: 2400004KB IOPS
  • Random Write: 4700004KB IOPS

System Condition:
* M.2 2280 Form factor compatible M. 2 (M key) A computer equipped with a port
* Windows (R) 11, Windows (R) 10, Windows (R) 8.1
(Caution compatibility may vary depending on the hardware configuration of each user and the operating system)
Size (LXWXH): 80mm x 22mm x 2.38mm
Storage capacity (all four): * 250 GB / 500 GB / 1TB / 2TB

WD Black SN770 NVME SSD Product Site

PS5 hits in the future right on Steam? Sony drives PC

After Sony was with games like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn’s big success on PC platforms like Steam could celebrate, this market is now evidently expanded. A newly incorporated job advertisement makes noisy.

Sony shines on the PC market

Sony has succeeded in successfully in the PC market for several years and has enormously successfully marketed platforms like Steam ** its previous PS4 hits. God of War, Days Gone and other ports mutated immediately to topsellers. Later this year is still the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection appear and fans have been screaming for a PC port for Bloodborne for years.

The Publishing label founded by Sony’s 2021 for the PC is pretty good. And as a new job listing shows, Sony will continue to follow and even expand the PC strategy in the future. Because the company is looking for a senior director for the planning and strategy of the PC market. (Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The different tasks in the job description make clear: Sony wants growth in this area .

PS5 games soon at the same time on Steam & Co.?

So far, the Publisher is content with the porting of successful blockbusters of the PS4 . But with a look at the future, the Arsenal will be used up quickly at already existing games.

A logical next step could be the simultaneous publication of new games on the consoles as well as PC via Steam, Epic and other platforms.

Sony has been held at an exclusive strategy for years, but the industry developments show where the trend goes: Game fun on all platforms . Microsoft as a strong competitor makes it before and the Japanese company must meet the new challenges of the market.

With the renewal of the PS-Plus subscription, a first step is done and the further opening in the direction of PC completes the upswing.

Sony Introduces PlayStation PC | Sony Gets Serious About PC Gaming | Sony Enters PC Market
If Sony decides on the PC for brand new releases, the choice of platform should also play a major role. The job description is talking about working with market sizes such as Steam and Epic Games. But in the distant future might be a marketing via the own PSN for the PC.

Which concrete strategy Sony persecutes in the end will show. Of course we keep you up to date on all developments.

_The playstation has many changes. If you want to know what the new PS plus and competition has on offer, we recommend this video: _

Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay shows new details

NEW Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay & Story Details Revealed in Atlus Stream!

During the recent Thursday of Gacha, Atlus and Koei Tecmo introduced Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers, revealing a new gameplay and new information. The producer Atlus Kaneda was there to give new details and deepen the images that have been shown. The gameplay offers some explorations in Sapporo while Kaneda explained the changes made to prisons and difficulties in managing SP and health. Apparently, players can restart from the last battle if they complete a game and the difficulty can be changed at any time in the System menu. Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers will be launched in Japan on February 20 for Nintendo Switch and PS4 without any word on a specific exit date for the West.

Ghost thieves may apparently enter the prison of a city from a specific safe entry point and they must go to enter the other world. In Sapporo, for example, it’s just before one of the main roads. Although Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers takes place in the summer, Sapporo Prison is completely frozen in the images. Sapporo prison is the third prison of the game, making it an intermediate level prison. The gameplay battle part showed the players of Makoto and Haru action, giving them a taste of what to expect from the next Spin-Off of Persona 5.

Although the gameplay sequences come from normal difficulties, there are the easy, normal and difficult difficulties, but it seems that there are other levels of difficulty beyond. Apparently, the Persona series bonus bonus included in the first printed copies of the game can be defined with a random game order, to get a different BGM to each battle while players with Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal backup files On their PS4 will have access to the last surprise and take control as a BGM. Players who change with a Super Smash Bros.ultimate backup file will have access to the same BGMs.

Are you excited for Persona 5 Scramble? Do you hope that it comes out in the West? Let us know in the comments below!

Flat Kingdom: Flat Kingdom Papers Cut Edition Winner 1 Expired

From now on you have the opportunity to win the digital version of Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition with a new Flat Kingdom raffle. Flat Kingdom is best described as Action Platformer with puzzle struggles where you need to change the shapes to gain different skills that will help you.

Similar to stone, scissors, paper defeats every shape the other. Sharp triangles can defeat the soft circles, heavy squares beat the fragile triangles and muddy circles can triumph over the slow squares. Both the opponents and the puzzles can be defeated with the right shape and strategy, so you have to watch them and find the best solution.

It’s so easy to take part in the Flat Kingdom raffle:

Leave a comment and tell us how you like your coffee in the morning, or if you even drink coffee at all.

Closing date is 17 April 2022 at 23:59. The general terms and conditions apply. The winner will be informed at the end of April via private message here on Flat Kingdom about his profit.

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Bosskampf | Gameplay
In addition, we would be very happy if you follow us on the following channels:

  • facebook.com/Flat Kingdom
  • twitter.com/Flat Kingdom
  • youtube.com/Flat Kingdom
  • twitch.tv/Flat Kingdom

We wish all participants good luck with this new Flat Kingdom raffle.

Update : This time @ Duck-Dynasty won! The whole team congratulates cordially to win.

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