With the great approach that companies such as Xbox and PlayStation give their subscription services, one could come to think that the income generated in this market is quite high. However, a new report has indicated that profits related to Game Pass and PS Plus only correspond to 4% of what we usually see in a year in the United States and Europe.

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According to an investigation by Piers Harding-Rolls, member of ampere analysis, subscription services only generate $ 3.7 billion dollars in the United States and Europe. In comparison, profits related to the sale of discs, downloads, DLC and digital purchases, correspond to $ 81 billion in the same regions.

From this group, Game Pass is, without a doubt, the most successful. Harding-Rolls ensures that Xbox subscription occupies 60% of the video game related to video games . However, with only 25 million users since 2017, and about 500 games available, this service is still short compared to Spotify and Netflix, which dominate their respective music and cinema markets.

Despite these data, the industry is still marching this address. Today a new PS Plus was revealed, which works in three different categories, each offering different benefits and various prices. You can learn more about this improved service version here. Similarly, these will be the prices of the new PS plus in Latin America.

Editor’s note:

While it is true that services such as Xbox Game Pass will surely not be at the level of Netflix or Spotify, these are different markets, with forms of consumption that do not resemble. What is striking, is that profits are very few, which makes sense when there are not many cases of success at the moment.