In the duel at the top no team made a slip-up: Primus SSVG Velbert won in a competitive duel with 2: 1 against Union Nettetal and thus goes as a league leader in the master round. The Underdog Wacker banged in a game that started with full steam right now: After only six minutes it was 1: 1 – Hilger first brought Velbert in front (4th), but Nettetal according to beautiful combination but immediately by Pöhler out (6. ). A little later, the guests met the posts, and yet the homely had the opportunityplus on their side until the break. Even after restart, the game was fairly balanced, yet the 2-1 winning goal, the Kwig-Drüppel headed in minute 70, not undeserved. Union Nettetal finally misses the master round.

Clear than the counterparty Meanwhile, the 1st FC Bocholt fulfilled his job and could once again rely on top scorer Marcel Platzek. Two goals contributed 31-year-old to 3: 0 success over the SC Düsseldorf-West. Platzek already achieved with the first action after butter orange flank by head the 1: 0 (1.), before him briefly after restart by a fantastic external period shot from 18 meters in the angle 2: 0 (47th) – it was His 31st gate this season, so that Platzek has set the previous gate record of the Oberliga Niederrhein, which Marvin Ellmann had set up in the 2017/18 season in the dress of the ETB black and white food. The substitute Lipinski worried the 3-0 final score in the 76th minute after a beautiful solo. Beckert missed in the first half for the homeland a faulerfeter, but it also handed it to the highly deserved home success of the Bocholter, which can be refurbished on Wednesday at Union Nettetal.

Marcel Platzek: Endlich wieder dabei

Also a role in front plays the VfB Hilden, who goes with a six-point residue on Velbert in the masterpiece. In the last game of the preliminary round Hilden won 2-1 at Turu Düsseldorf: Altuntas, sent by Kang, with his 1-0 at the same time the course on victory for Hilden (5.). Another sticking point in passage one was the red card against Düsseldorf’s Diana after a foul. In order Hilden then had easy game, even if the opportunity recycling was expandable. Only after about one hour increased weavers from a short distance to 2: 0 (62.). The Hommelf did not stop and shortened by a Tepe solo to 1: 2 (74.), but the guest victory was no longer really in danger.

Meerbusch despite swatter in the master round

In this way, Turu missed the leap over the stroke in the last game – in one point success, the Düsseldorfer would have chased the Neuralgian 11th place to the TSV Meerbusch. But then Meerbusch wins the direct comparison with the equilibrium counterparty, and despite 1: 6 pack against the sports fans Baumberg. It was an overall desolate performance of the TSV in the last home game of the round, especially after the break (as of 0: 1) broke the dams. Baumberg played consistently and purposefully forward and hit partly worth seeing. Only two sports lovers made for all six hits: Baris Sarikaya met four times – including a penalty and a fine sideways – and Bilal Sezer twice.

Meanwhile, more teams collected to conclude counter for the second game round: Sterkrade-Nord won surprisingly clearly 3-0 against the SPVG Schonnebeck, black and white food retained with a 4: 2 points against Jahn Hiesfeld with him. With the same result, the FC Kray hit the sports lovers of Niederwenernern. Talk light FC Mönchengladbach underlined 0: 2 at FC Monheim. Meanwhile, Ratingen 04/19 had no problems with the FSV Duisburg (3: 0), while Teutonia St. Tönis and the SC Velbert Torlos separated 0-0.