And this freshly gained insight is hardly compatible with medial assignments of the younger past. For example, the “image” newspaper wrote in December 2021: “With rich around five million euros, the severance payments to beech, which the VfB had to pay to his former board members Jochen Röttgermann and Stefan home as well as to Managing Director Oliver Schraft.”

Mind you at a time when the procedure was still open with home.

As a result of the data affairs, the VFB had been separated from his communication chief shock. This had sued and sampled before the Stuttgart labor court – in the episode one separated in a comparison. The ex boardmits responsible for marketing and finances Röttgermann and Heim, which had also been recalled by the Supervisory Board, had also complained. Before it came to the oral negotiations in front of the district court of Stuttgart, VfB had also agreed extrajudicially with the duo.

“Worst Case Principle”

But five million euros? That would be an extremely high sum. The seems to be difficult to meet the knowledge of today’s reality. Because in the annual financial statements of VFB Stuttgart AG for 2020 states: “The costs resulting from the personnel decisions and the fine of the LFDI in connection with the experiments of data protection violations are expected to be around 2.5 million euros and are taken into account in the annual financial statements ” Although the Management Board completed its 2020 recognition in March 2021, at this time the procedures with Schreuf, home and Röttgermann were still far away from amicable quilters.

But usually assessed auditors before the balance sheet handling procedure according to the “worst-case principle”, so to make provisions for the worst case, ie a househous defeat in the work and civil procedures.

Say: The auditing firm competent for the VFB accounted for maximum costs of 2.5 million euros. This includes the fine of the data protection officer of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Dr. med. Stefan Brink, in the amount of 300,000 euros. In addition, the cost of “Esecon”, which had been commissioned by the investigation of the data affairs, as well as various law firms, which had been turned on during the Enlightenment. How much the VFB actually paid its former employees is not out of the balance sheet. But from the coloured five million euros, the amount should therefore be miles away.

Maximum of 1.5 million euros for propaganda purposes

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Maximum costs of 2.5 million euros – In fact, the following costs should beat lower to beech. Because the Swabia had a cybercrime insurance and agreed in the course of 2021 with their insurer on a comparison. The Protocols of the AG General Meeting present to the million indicate that the insurance company reimburses a million euros to the VfB. AG and E.V. Donated this sum according to each other. The club emerged without stress out of the matter, the AG remained at narrow 47,687.11 euros. In the costs incurred by the insurance, it is only direct damage sequences, ie by and large for the “ESECON” investigation, legal advice and fine, not the consequences of dismissal and dismissal due to the data affairs.

Overall, therefore, it can be concluded from the annual financial statements and the protocols that the scandal should be held by the transfer of membership data to propaganda purposes in the course of the 2017 cut out of a maximum of 1.5 million euros.

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