At “Elden Ring”, a wall disappeared and disappeared. Users are unlikely to discover that defeating common sense of disappearance wall. However, this phenomenon that disappeared with the disappearance of the wall is what the development side is intended? In this paper, we should be noted when browsing because it contains an area name or image after the medium.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. There are many dungeons in this work, and various kinds of gimms and the like are waiting for players. Above all, it is a “hidden road” that makes many players partial. In this work, it often appears when attacking and rolling. In the end of such walls, it is always a further area or item is hidden. The disappearing wall and hidden door are almost regular elements in the same studio past work. Therefore, many players are the doubtful doubt that “This is not the wall to disappear.” A fitness that “This ahead, a hidden path is” or a strange view of beating the wall, or rolling around the wall is an annual scene.

Such disappearance walls have a sense of discomfort if it is calmly observed, and it is likely to disappear when it gives a single attack such as an attack. Even if the suspicious wall has not disappeared, it can be done with one check and light disappointment. However, this time, “a wall that doesn’t disappear without turning off” has been found. It is troubled. If you have to hit all walls for a long time, you may be able to beat all walls of the vast field until the life is exhausted. The author followed the information with fear.

First of all, the wall of the problem is in the volcanican building. Currently, many players in Japan and overseas are talked about on SNS for “hard walls that disappear”. Although the first time is not clear, it is expected to convey the discovery of this wall early, and it is a post by Teristam, which is an overseas bulletin board REDDIT user. He has introduced GIF videos that are considered to be another user who keeps hitting the wall of the volcanican building at a post. Certainly in videos, it has been shown that the walls scolded about 40 times disappear. “The disappearance wall knows in a single shot” is a way that defeats common sense. Also in the same thread, comments on “I have to find out the whole wall from the early areas”, and it turns out that the doubt decline of this player accelerates. I flew to the volcanquarium to see the authenticate anyway.

I tried to hit the problem “I’m going to do my best when I work hard”, and I could confirm that it disappeared in about 40 attacks. He also disappeared that he tried to try another “disappearing wall-like wall”. When this happens, “that wall was a wall that disappeared” and the unexpectedness is increasingly expanded. However, it may be eagle. That is, the wall that disappears is hard to think of the behavior intended by the development side.

First of all, there are multiple normal disappearing walls at the volcanican. From that, it is possible to enter the “back side” of the volcanic building, and it was a luxurious atmosphere, and the front side of the battle. The enemy is a dustful z1. In addition, there is a while to the front-side volcanican, which is inserted from the backward disappearing wall. In other words, the volcanican building is a zone connected via a wall that disappears with the “gentle front side” and the “gloomy back”.

And when I was convare a screenshot, etc., the wall of the problem is like the eyes that look almost the same as the normal disappearing wall. In other words, it is considered that although it was installed as a wall that does not erase whenever it works hard, it is considered that “disappearing nature” has remained by using the same parts as the normal disappearing wall.

There are other elements that reinforce this guess. For example, the walls that disappear when they do their best are located behind the NPC. In other words, it is a situation where you can attack NPCs that should not be attacked by the back z1. However, when I tried it, the attack has passed through the NPC. A strange phenomenon such as “the sound effects of attacks that the sound effects of attack entered in the battle ban zone” and “loading the wall” “the wall is resurrected” “Even if you are getting the door key” I also confirmed.

Furthermore, it was also seen that enemies who only existed on the back side of the volcanican building also invaded to the battle ban z1. It is not good because it can not be counterattack from here. A series of phenomena are difficult to think about the intended behavior of the development side. When I try my best, the wall disappears “If I put it out, the wall disappears”, it is also possible that the user has run off the user who did not disappear “the wall that the development side disappears”.

However, when I try my best, the process of putting out the wall is interesting. The same look as the original disappearance wall, and all of the atmosphere is “disappearing!” In fact, there are many players who put a blow when you look at it for the first time? It also worried that it is firmly connected to each room. The reasons for placement can only be guessed from the player side. However, the intention to produce the buryer and the front side leading volcanics and the quest lines and area designs that are different from the present may be the remnant that has been assumed.

In addition, if you notice for a while, it is not particularly not particularly ahead of the wall that disappears. It is only the increase in the entrance of the volcanic building. However, the disappearance of the disappearance of the wall is. However, if it is an unintended behavior on the development side, it is not possible to deny the possibility of some trouble in the game play. Please be careful when hitting the stiffness that disappears.