* Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Reviews.

Recently, games that support both PCs and mobile are increasing. Odin: Balhal Rising (Odin) revealed the attorneys from the mobile, but also the mobile, as well as PC Online, and it has focused on the attorneys, and it has been revealed the one after the launch of the Ledasembar, which was hit by January this year,

Then, after the two months of release, this composition was turned on at two months after launch. Odin rose to the 17th place, and the unidember was on the 18th place. Standing on January 13, which was launched by the Domestic Services, the Unareau retained a high ranking rather than Odin, allowing reversal in the beginning. If you look at the two months, Odin is regained my firepower, while the unidember is somewhat powerful.

The Unembon was faced with a challenge called mid- to long-term stabilization. The server failure and nuclear emergency that were in the initial ankle have been organized a little by little, but the problem associated with the game property such as a balance or bug. It is more fundamentally raised that the grave is weak, which is weak, which is expected to expect to expectable equipment and highly freedom of freedom in nuclear & slash games such as Diablonona Pass of Exiles. Even if it is not a high grade, it is a comment that is lacking in the number of equipment that you acquire as hunting, and it is a narrow way to test various builds.

Currently, the Leadsembar producer is preparing multiple factors to solve the problems mentioned above. Once on the 17th, the “ceiling” is introduced to the tune of the rune, and the ‘leach’, which can move the level of the rune, the level, etc. to another run, is also added. In the 31st, the same rune is introduced, which can be used in other ways to reduce the build to the build. Based on a series of changes, the Unembre will revolve the firepower again, or if Odin keeps the advantage, and the next week’s results are kept.

** PC Online Expectation

The Passover Story for Seder

March is traditional, but this week, the poisoning is large. The part of the eye is the top, but it is not a number of only one by one from the first to 16th. The existing work is that it has not been able to keep the momentum and there was no big issue that shook the top right. Eldon Ring, who is guarding the 30th, but in popularity, in popularity, it did not come up to the top of the game that supports online play.

The part that feels the vacancy is that there is no PC online to focus the domestic gamer gaze. Once in March, there is no major new title to enter the formal service, and even if it is wide, it is the era of the era, DRNF dual, Crows, and diStera. The domestic market has been centered on mobile, and the multi-platform title, including mobile, is also increasing. The steam has also increased to the global service. Based on this, the interest in PC online seems to be relatively low.

In the middle of the year, the Special Force has been ranked 29th, drawing a gentle rising curve from the beginning of February. Rather than a clear rise factor, it seems that the situation without competing that does not have a competitive situation in the middle of maintaining existing forces, and seems to have a relatively advantage in ranking competition. Dragon Phara is a subsidiary through its subsidiaries, and in April, a special phosphorus P2E version is introduced through its platform. This part is expected to be the key to a certain amount of interest.

In the subordinate, Lineage M ranks 44th in 6 stairs. This week, Lineage M has increased its portal search volume, and the content of updates that apply to the 23rd, and it seems that the attention is increased. In particular, additional content includes “one-to-one trading” that NCsoft predicted in September last year, and TJ coupon payments are expected to be interested in the existing users.

Games Mecca Online Game Popularity is a comprehensive “game awareness” and ‘game connection traffic’, which combines portal search quantities, PC room game access, game broadcasting viewers, and game mecca users.