Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it has stopped shipping PLAYSTATION hard and stopping the PLAYSTATION STORE, and even a series latest work “Gran Turismo 7” has been released as a response to Ukrainian invasion by Russia. A major credit card company, paypal, etc. has also been suspended, and the purchase was already restricted, but this SIE’s action is likely to be impossible to purchase a new digital version.

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Like a GAME * SPARK, Ukrainian invasion by Russia has a great deal of influence on the game industry, and various companies will support humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, but various activities in Russia and suspension of sales. I am compatible with my own. Microsoft has already stopped selling new sales in Russian, and Nintendo also stopped purchasing online by stopping the settlement service. There was also a report that “Gran Turismo 7” could not be purchased in Russia in some parts of SIE, but SIE officially announced his statement officially about activities in Russia. According to the statement, the measures taken by the company this time

  1. Software and hardware shipment stop

  2. Release of “Gran Turismo 7”

  1. PLAYSTATION STORE operation stop

  2. As Sony Group, a total of $ 2 million (approximately $ 2.3 billion yen) of $ 2 million (approximately 2.3 billion yen) to the United Nations High Commissioner Office (UNHCR) and International NGO Save The Children

The new business in PLAYSTATION Hard is virtually canceled at four points. Not only the first party but also EA, Take-to-Interactive, and CD Projekt Red will continue to stop selling in Russia, and three platformers are clearing the direction of withdrawal.

The company commented that “ Peace in Ukraine with Global Community “.