Mod Corner - Duke Nukem Forever 2013

The Last of Us Part II won wholesale at Game Awards, who ruffled some feathers online. Kotaku weighed with an article on how the Games created with Crunch should not be filled with praise. George Broussard, one of the designers of Duke Nukem, had strong words about this position. Like all shots on Twitter, Broussard has encountered some resistance.

Some people emphasized that having Duke Nukem Forever on your CV adds a specific weight to your words. Others took advantage of this chance to renew their attacks against Kotaku, which are practically incessant at this stage. Whatever your opinion, it is probably not represented correctly on Twitter.

Kotaku’s article does not want the crunch to be rewarded with rewards. Brushard, on the other hand, think that the crunch is so ubiquitous and so difficult to avoid that we could reward it as well? In fact, he said you can not trust dissatisfied employees and that independent studios are very different from 300 people. At least one of these things is true, yes. Do not throw gasoline on fire, but are other hundreds of employees happy or do not complain? Although there is no sense to vilify individual studios, we should still talk about Crunch. Ignoring the crunch is a good way to make sure there is a problem forever, you know?