Lost Ark is full of content, and it may be stolen to try in all this. This is especially true when it comes to currency in the game, since there are many types. One of them is various sailing coins, including ancient coins that can be exchanged for pirated coins.

Get Ancient coins In Lost Ark, you can perform certain quests, but the easiest and fastest way to get Sailing Coins is to perform quests on the island and get Chests with Open Sea coins .

how to get chests with open sea coins in Lost Ark

Lost Ark - Ultimate Currency Guide | Every Token Explained, Identified, And Located
To get trunks with the coins of the Open Sea in Lost Ark, you need sailing to the islands and execute there an affordable quest . Some of these island quests will reward you with the coins with the coins of the open sea, which contain sailing coins, including ancient coins.

Getting ancient coins through the chests with the coins of the Open Sea – the most reliable way to earn them. As soon as you get the chest, it will be added to your inventory. Just open it there and select ancient coins to get this currency.

You can also use Compass Command To find the islands of adventure, for which you can get chests with the coins of the open sea. Click the compass icon under the mini-card in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Procyon compass. These daily activities are a good way to get ancient coins in Lost Ark.

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