The spirit of the ancestor is the boss located in the well of the Siofra River, to unlock which special conditions are needed. To fight with the spirit of ancestor, you must first solve the puzzle well of the Siofra River, lit six lights in the area.

After completing the riddle, the Well of the Siofra River, go to the dead beast on the lands of Halllower near the place of grace on the banks of the Siofra River. If the puzzle has been completed, a hint will appear to touch the remains. It will take you to the cave with a foggy portal. Go through the fog, and you will come across the spirit of the ancestor.

The spirit of the ancestor looks like a giant losure-free creature capable of liberating a secret fire. His attacks are not particularly fast, but they can cause great damage. He will attack a lot and beat his head, which gives excellent opportunities for attack. Ancestor Spirit also has an attack at which he jumps twice in the air and collapses, but immediately after that will be opened for attacks.

Bring some armor with high impact and denial of magical damage. The ancestor’s spirit sometimes jumps and produces a magician fire on the region or exhales the magician fire, being on Earth. While he makes these movements, it is better to run away away.

The challenge of the spirit with the help of distant attacks is best suited against the Spirit-ancestor, because the boss tends a lot to move. If you do not have a spirit with a further attack, you will help you spirits with high health. If you defeat the spirit of ancestor, you will be rewarded with a large number of runes and ashes of the ancestor’s follower, which are ghostly enemies, similar to minotaurs, which can be found in the Siofra River Welcome. The ancestors followers have a powerful onion attack from a long battle and can attack in the near combat.

Ancestor Spirit Boss Guide - Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit Boss Fight
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