Farum Azula – Boss in Elden Ring. Several beversary Farum Azula can be found in different places. One is in the cave of Groved in Limgrave, and the other in the cave of Dragon Kurgan in the Dragon Kurgan.

How to defeat the bearer Farum Azula

An animal person can be done much easier if you use Long attacks or Multiplayer . However, it is easy enough to win if you have enough patience. His attack style Combo The most common of which is its horizontal sweeping attack and its long traction and rotation .

Melee players

The melee strategy in this battle is to catch his attacks until he completes full combo to hit a couple of times and retreated . It can be difficult because it is very aggressive, and its weapon dedicts stamina when blocking .

For this reason, you need approach enough for Activate combo attacks But then retreat Far enough, he cannot hit you. It can also expand combo , so you have to follow this. If you doubt, keep it as far as possible.

Elden Ring How to beat Beastman of Farum Azula | Elden Ring tips

far-fighting players

This fight is much easier with the participation of magic or long-range You should catch his attacks as before, but at the end you do not need to run into the attack. You just need to play any spell you use, and then retreat or use your bow again. Just keep a distance when it starts to attack, blocks only if necessary and evade most of its attacks.

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