Lost ARK has arrived in the West with a total of 15 available classes. A broad repertoire that allows to satisfy almost the whole community, but that very soon it could be expanded. The version of which we enjoyed on the new servers has cut a total of seven classes with respect to the homonymous in Korea, so it is possible that very soon we see a few extensions that will motivate us to create a new character.

The new classes that will arrive at Lost Ark

In total, there are seven archetypes that could be incorporated into the title almost immediately based on Amazon Games update plans for MMO in its western version. Keep in mind that translations of their names are not official, since they still do not exist in Spanish.

  • Destroyer : A slow character belonging to the warrior archetype that is characterized as being quite slow. However, he has a hammer of the most destructive capable of sweeping with everything that is found.

  • Lancera : Belonging to the archetype of martial artists, this character alternates between Alabarda and launches to control its enemies before ending them. He is fast and lethal

  • Explorer : This would be the new character for the gunners. They use the most advanced technologies of Arthetine to dominate the battlefield with all kinds of ingenios and even have a combat drone.

  • Arcana : Incorporation for the Magi team. It is served from the art of cards to control their enemies with different altered states and damage. They must keep the distances and know when to attack. Its final is based on the cards and can have many different effects.

Available : Also for the magicians, this class invokes spirits that fight with them to annihilate the enemies. Guara a similarity with the arcana class in the sense that it should be kept at a distance from the rivals, being very fragile when it is exposed to the attacks.

  • Mower: Dahas, hidden and poison skills characterize a kind of murderous archetype that has enviable mobility. As usual in the murderers, attack meek and inflicts a lot of damage.

  • Artist : belongs to a new archetype called a specialist. It can cure and inflicts large amounts of damage in area. Attack both at a distance and body to body and promises to be one of the most interesting additions thanks to their particularity.

All NEW Classes Still Releasing For Lost Ark NA / EU

A completely new class?

Finally, there is also a new addition that could reach the Korean version of the game very soon. From Smilegate they have anticipated that ElberSerker could receive a female counterpart Throughout the year 2022. She will be a similar character, but with her own mechanics and new attacks that will suppose the first woman available between gueens.

Despite the initial stumble with the servers, Lost Ark seems willing to launch very interesting developments during the year 2022 to keep the initial pull of which is the fashionable MMO in the West.