The Warzone Pacific Season 2 Update of Raven Software has added CALdera seven underground research laboratories for chemical weapons. These hidden Warzone bunkers are a fantastic place to get the new Nebula V-Munitionsfeld upgrade to your fingers – they also mounted a few new secrets. Each of these research laboratories of Warzone Pacific contains a MorseCode machine that plays a mysterious message. In each bunker another message is played, and the players start to find out what these hidden news is about.

Call of Duty Easter Hunter, Geeky Time Discipline worked hard to decipher these seven Morsecode messages. It is interesting that some of the news is a clear reference to the new contents of Season 2, while others seem to make no sense – this means that they could indicate future updates for Warzone Pacific.

The MorseCode News, which are played in the Docks Research Laboratory, in the Lagoen Research Labor and the Resort Research Laboratory, all relate to the new features that Warzone Pacific was added to the start of season 2. The news that will be played in the Fields Research Laboratory and power plant research Lab also refers to the upcoming Nebula V bombs and armored transporters – which are both to be added to the warzone in the coming weeks.

It is really interesting that two of these messages seem to point out future content updates for Warzone Pacific.

The Morse code message of the Runway research laboratory mentions a battle ship spotted 22 miles in front of the coast of Caldera. The players could not discover anything yet, but this could indicate the addition of a new coastal poi – like Shipwreck in Verdansk ’84.

In addition, the message played in the research laboratory of the mines is actually a repair request for the conveyor belts of phosphate mines. At the moment they do not move and the players could not figure out how they can be brought to run. However, this MorseCode message could suggest that an update for this POI is in progress.

If you are interested in what every message says completely, we have transcribed you below thanks to the work of Geeky Pastimes:

  • Docks Research Laboratory – “System can supply 5000 gallons N5 gas every day”
  • Start and runway research laboratory – “The reconnaissance station has spotted a battleship 22 miles in front of the north / south coast”
  • Bergbaufungslabor – “Request of repairs to the conveyor line of phosphate mines”
  • Research Laboratory of the Lagoon – “Warn all aircraft on lock balloons – fire in view”
  • Field Research Laboratory – “Connection N5 in Chembombetests Stable – Start of Distribution”
  • Research Laboro power plant – “Prototype bombs are on the way – confirm delivery”
  • Resort’s research laboratory – “Chemical leaks in Luke four discovered – Team to use decon stations”


At the moment this is everything we know. The Morse code messages give us only as much information, and we have to look for further information on future updates. While we wait for it, look at our Warzone Meta Guide – everything changes in Caldera with the update of the second season, which implements important changes and Nerfs for weapon balancing for the BREN and the MP40.