Last update there is February 15, 2022

Lost Ark SMASHES Records: 2nd Most Played Game EVER on Steam 1 3 MILLION Concurrent Players

Lost Ark. You have already heard about it, and if you have friends who love the game, they heard it too. If you like MMOs or diablo style games, you probably played it yourself. This free model is simply too attractive.

But did you hear how popular he was, a few moments after his launch? He was not supposed to launch his free-to-play mode before a few days and has already touched half a million players. Only time will tell us how far this little game supported by Amazon could grow, and well… Time says.

1.3 million simultaneous players. Only 5 games in the Story of Steam beat 1 million simultaneous players – Counter Strike: Global Offensive and CyberPunk 2077 Among them. This number of 1.3 million place Lost Ark firmly on the 2nd place of all time, behind the very influential Playerunknown battlefields.

But that said, Lost Ark still has a long way to go before reaching this coveted place n ° 1. The peak of Pubg was just above 3.2 million, so that the 1.3 million LOST. Ark seem tiny in comparison. The game enjoys many financing from Amazon Games, but do they need to get the pubg crown?

It seems that they will have their own struggles to conquer first. Server problems have decimated the steam review score of the game. Something essential needs to be solved if Lost Ark never wants to return to this peak of 1.3 million, and even less the 3.2 million pubg.

What do you think? Does Lost Ark do you need? Or is the mmo genre too niche on the modern market? We would like to hear from you in the comments below!