The weekend has once again arrived, which means that Xur has made his weekly journey back to the world of Destination 2. As usual, Xur has a series of articles that is selling at your store this week for those who seek to expand their own inventories. If you are trying to locate it yourself, this is where you can find XUR in the coming days.

Xur Location & Loot (All Classes & Random Rolls w/ Perks) 2-11-22 / February 11, 2022 [Destiny 2]
From today, January 28, until February 1, Xur will visit the Tower to sell its weekly treats. This is one of the most frequent locations that frequent XUR, which means that you probably already have a good idea of ​​where you are. However, if you have not visited Xur in the Tower before, you can find it in the hangar section of the map stopped near a staircase.

Of course, the location of Xur is just one of the most important questions surrounding the seller wrapped. This is what really has available to sell this week:

  • Fox of two queues (29 legendary fragments) : The two-line fox is the weapon chosen by Xur this week for those who seek to spend many legendary fragments. This rocket launcher shoots two rockets instead of one, which is what differentiates it from other weapons of its kind. In addition, these two rockets inflict different forms of damage to enemies, which means that you can distribute some pain in a unique way.
  • Fragments of Galanor (23 legendary fragments) : Fragments of Galanor is the armor element that XUR has available for hunters this week. Gauntlets allow you to accumulate your Ultimate energy more quickly every time you use the Blade Barrage skill. It is quite basic in terms of its operation, but it is a good element if you have created a character using Blade Barrage quite frequently.
  • Rampante Leon (23 legendary fragments) : The Titans can get a new armor for Xur’s legs this week with the rampant lion. Essentially, this element allows you to move more easily while you are in the air and also increases the accuracy of your hip when you jump.
  • Karnstein bracelets (23 legendary fragments) : Finally, Karnstein bracelets are available to buy for the sorcerers and allow you to make sure your health never goes too low. These gauntlets regenerate a considerable part of your health every time you kill meek-to-body enemies. While your use is simple, it is also one of the strongest armor pieces you can get the sorcerers.

As always, if you are not a fan of the current inventory of XUR, it will always be updated at this time next week. And when that moment comes, we will make sure to inform you here at where is he and what he has in his store.