You are explained how to recover rewards via TWITCH drops for Lost Ark as soon as the early access is launched. While officially landed in France on February 11, the MMORPG Free-To-Play isometric is already available in Korea, Japan and Russia. Founding packs are available for purchase, ranging from 14.99 € to 99.99 €. They will give you various bonuses depending on the pack, but all will allow you to access Lost Ark three days ahead, on February 8th.

when and how to recover twitch drops

The developers of the game recently announced an event linked to the exit of Lost Ark in Europe, North America and Latin America. Looking at the streamers listed below, you will have a chance to receive rather interesting rewards!

Three teams of 20 creators will fight together for their respective region. Support your favorite team and earn awards as the team advances in relabating challenges to unlock four TWITCH drops. The progression can be followed on the dedicated page of the event.

To recover a drop, You will need to activate the Twitch * Drops for your Lost Ark account. Then win the drop by looking at streamers. Once the reward received, you should see a notification in the Twitch Chat that prompts you to recover it.

Drops are unlocked by viewing four hours of stream between February 8 at 6 pm and March 1 at 9:00 **

All Drops and Rewards of Lost Ark

Legends of Lost Ark - Twitch Drop Streaming Event
Bearing 1: Box of Combat Objects

CONTING A PACK OF 3 FLAT OBJECTS, THE REGULUS LIGHT CURRENCY TRIBUTE (100,000 pieces of silver), and an amethyst splinter pack (1,500 splinters).

Bearing 2: Archesia Paper Hat Box

_These chest will unleash a paper hat of your choice from the five available.

Bearing 3: Familiar safe Helgaia

_These chest will unlock one of the five unique Helgaia familiar.

Bearing 4: Neugier Gold Frame

This mount you will allow you to move quickly in archeaia.

People participating in Legends of Lost Ark will only offer a drop at a time, then consult the ranking to find out who unlocked the drops.

The Streams to Get Drops


North America

Latin America

If you still hesitate on which class play in Lost Ark, do not hesitate to consult our guides on each of the classes available at the time of the game in France. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Bearing.