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Com2us, baseball game Com2us professional baseball V22 pre-reservation

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) conducts pre-reservation ahead of the formal launch of Real Baseball Games ‘Com2us Pro Baseball V22’ (Company V22).

Combiatra V22 is a high-quality baseball game title that Com2us has developed more than 20 baseball games production know-how. Domestic representative real baseball game series ‘Com2us Pro baseball’ is characterized by achieving the authenticity of IP and aiming for MZ generations to add casual performance.

Com2us has opened the official brand page prior to the launch of the compute V22 and entered the reservation reception. Any pre reservation can be applied, and through the brand page, you can also check the features of the compute V22 and detailed game information.

The compartment V22 supports free screen switching that can play the game in the desired direction in the horizontal direction, depending on the user’s taste. In particular, the first user interface (user interface) optimized for mobile is first introduced to provide a variety of angle screen and one hand-operable game environment.

In addition, it is a 3D head scan, which is more likely to improve the heat of the athlete movement with motion capture, and the heat of the stadium, and the opening of the stadium, and the highest compartment of Castle and Lee, Jung-chul, which are composed of the overwhelming reality of V22.

About com2us baseball 2021

Live content is also applied to the actual program’s grades and records on the player card. Based on League grades, a player re-evaluation and a new card are released, and a system that succeeds the new season’s ability to the new season athletes will also update future. In addition, the actual game image of the highlight mode, which plays the game only in the most crucialist, was also disclosed through the brand page.

Com2us has established an abundant compensation and event for the compilation of the V22 pre-reservation. First, all users who participated in advance reservations provide additional compensation, such as a player card selection pack, depending on the various game items as well as the cumulative participation. In addition, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Saw Pass, and the S22 Ultra, the fuzzy prizes, etc., will also be paid through lottery.

In addition, to encourage the participation of this pre-reservation, we conduct a baseball tendency test that finds a friend invitation event and a baseball player with various benefits to encourage participation.

BANDAI Namco Entertainment, Launched a monthly average of 50,000 yen from April. All employees subject

BANDAI Namco entertainment announced that it will introduce a new compensation system that raises the basic salary of all employees to the basic salary of all employees, and raising the basics of all employees from April 28. In addition, about the first order, it is to raise from the conventional 23.2 million yen to 290,000 yen.

Join the BANDAI NAMCO Team!
As a background of this base-up, the company will be described to improve the ability to work with employee income stability. Furthermore, in realizing the new medium-term vision introduced from this April, it is essential to promote the activities of various human resources in various fields.

In the Bandai Namco Group, we have a new medium-term vision called “Connect with Fans”. Aiming to connect IP (intellectual property such as character) to fans around the world, we will start building a new mechanism. One of the IP axis strategies reveals to develop “Metaverse Metaverse” (Related Articles). It plans to invest a 40 billion yen in three years in a total of 3 years, and also shows the policy to build an IP metaverse data base.

The first edition of IP metaverse has been announced to be “Gundam Metaverse”. A stage of space colony based on Gundam’s view of the world, and all information of Gundam is aggregated, such as games, animation, cancer, e-sports, and other events. Users can access such information through their avatars. In content development, it aims to provide a service unique to the real world and the virtual world. Details will be announced in the Gundam Conference held in the future.

Bandai Namco entertainment may be game development and operation, and in IP metaverse construction and content development, it is considered to play a central role. In recent years, companies in all industries have expressed entry into the metaverse related business. The basic payup up announced this time may also have the purpose of securing excellent human resources in such situations.

In the Bandai Namco Group, it has been announced that Bandai and Bandai Spirits introduce a new compensation system from April of this year. Average monthly salary to all employees, an average of 27%, and the first salary is up to 290,000 yen of 30% up. It has been described that employees’ motivation improvements and aiming to activate tissue.

How to get a fruit cashew in Lost Ark?

Cashew is the old foliar of the adventure seeker in the game “Lost Ark”. In most cases, it can be found only on the continent of the cake, where it sometimes appears randomly.

Where is the fruit cashew in Lost Ark?

We found that the cashew fruit more often drop out of larger monsters. You can increase your chances to find a cashew fruit by going straight to special monsters.

You cannot earn the collection items in the set way, because they fall out of monsters randomly and cannot be obtained by the established method. Cashew fruit looks like in real life. In shape they look like Bulgarian peppers, but in the game only red.

Cashew Fruit & Rough Cashew Powder & Fine Cashew Powder Lost Ark

If you are going to put it in the folya of the adventurist, take it into a secluded and safe place. The village of Mochoko is usually the best option, as this is the only place where you can feel in complete safety.

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, and then right-click on cashew fruit . You will receive a notice that the collection of fruit cashews is added to the folya of the adventurist.

For more information about Lost Ark, check How to get a wanted poster in Lost Ark as well How to get a message in the bottle in Lost Ark in professional guides on the game.

Destiny 2: All Throne World Lost Sector Locations Map

Destiny 2: The Hexenkenigin New Throne World has three new Lost Sectors to discover. For these lost sectors, the recommended power level 1510-1530 is. Here is your guide to the lost sectors in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector SUPP – extraction

The Lost Section in Quagmire in the Throne World is called extraction. The beginning of the extraction is right left of the beginning of the quest “The Ghosts”. Here are the steps you need to follow How to complete the extraction loss sector:

  1. betray the platforms and travel down and right into the cave.
  2. Dipping deeper off in the cave and kill the scorn.
  3. Go on through the cave by going up up and right.
  4. In the chamber with the Hive structure, Kill all Hive and Scorn.
  5. If all enemies are done, Examine the locked Hive door. Study the two Hive symbols.
  6. The first Hive icon will be to the right of the door on the ground floor. Imagine and defeat the wave of contempt.
  7. The second Hive icon will be left from the door on the ground floor. Imagine and defeat the wave of contempt.
  8. Enter the Hive structure and kill the crowd.
  9. Defeat the Lucent Hive and Get your LOST SECTION chest.
  10. Exit, Next forward at the chest and go back to the right back to the beginning of the cave.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector Miasma – Metamorphosis

The lost sector in Miasma in The Throne World is called metamorphosis. The beginning is located to the right of the first box of the Miasma region. Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the Metamorphosis Lost Sector:

  1. Enter the cave and travel down.
  2. Claim the contempt on and continue. You will see that all scorn fight against a Revenant Knight, which is immortal.
  3. Broken the three crystals to kill the Revenant Knight.
  4. pushing forward through the cave Shoot the rocks out of the way.
  5. Clean up the contempt and discover the Revenant Knight.
  6. Broken the three crystals and kill the knight.

How to find all 3 Lost Sectors on Savathun's Throne World - Destiny 2:The Witch Queen
7. Shoot the rocks Bullet the way and jumps down.
8. Well, the scorn are the immortal.
9. Broken the three crystals to kill the Elite Scorn. Be careful, the crystals will appear again after a few seconds, so they only have a limited time window to inflow the elite scorch.
10. After defeating the elite hohn, snap your sweetheart and use the gravity cannon to get it back to the entrance.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector Flourescent Canal – Tomb

The lost sector in the Florentine Channel in the Throne World is called Sepulchre. To find it, go to the center of the area and jump down to see the entrance. Here are the steps you need to follow to complete the “lost grave” sector:

  1. Enter the Hive Grave Follow the river and continue down.
  2. Interrupt the worship of the sharp and take it out.
  3. Continue to the next room and kill the two wizards.
  4. After clearing the Hive, a Lucent Hive Knight appears. Kill it and the door to the front opens.
  5. When entering the long chamber, two orges and a Lightbearer Acolyte are welcomed you.
  6. After you have finished it, Take the corridor covered by cobwebs at the end of this hall.
  7. In the last room you have to fight against a swarm of Hive and A Giant Hive Knight Boss.
  8. If you have killed them all, Take the chest and take the corridor on the left side go back to the entrance.

After completing all three lost sectors in the Throne World, you will receive the success “lost worlds”. Further information can be found in our Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Guides to Quests, Chests and more.

Destiny 2: The witch king is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

  • This article was updated on February 23, 2022

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Lost Ark: The new classes that could reach the game very soon

Lost ARK has arrived in the West with a total of 15 available classes. A broad repertoire that allows to satisfy almost the whole community, but that very soon it could be expanded. The version of which we enjoyed on the new servers has cut a total of seven classes with respect to the homonymous in Korea, so it is possible that very soon we see a few extensions that will motivate us to create a new character.

The new classes that will arrive at Lost Ark

In total, there are seven archetypes that could be incorporated into the title almost immediately based on Amazon Games update plans for MMO in its western version. Keep in mind that translations of their names are not official, since they still do not exist in Spanish.

  • Destroyer : A slow character belonging to the warrior archetype that is characterized as being quite slow. However, he has a hammer of the most destructive capable of sweeping with everything that is found.

  • Lancera : Belonging to the archetype of martial artists, this character alternates between Alabarda and launches to control its enemies before ending them. He is fast and lethal

  • Explorer : This would be the new character for the gunners. They use the most advanced technologies of Arthetine to dominate the battlefield with all kinds of ingenios and even have a combat drone.

  • Arcana : Incorporation for the Magi team. It is served from the art of cards to control their enemies with different altered states and damage. They must keep the distances and know when to attack. Its final is based on the cards and can have many different effects.

Available : Also for the magicians, this class invokes spirits that fight with them to annihilate the enemies. Guara a similarity with the arcana class in the sense that it should be kept at a distance from the rivals, being very fragile when it is exposed to the attacks.

  • Mower: Dahas, hidden and poison skills characterize a kind of murderous archetype that has enviable mobility. As usual in the murderers, attack meek and inflicts a lot of damage.

  • Artist : belongs to a new archetype called a specialist. It can cure and inflicts large amounts of damage in area. Attack both at a distance and body to body and promises to be one of the most interesting additions thanks to their particularity.

All NEW Classes Still Releasing For Lost Ark NA / EU

A completely new class?

Finally, there is also a new addition that could reach the Korean version of the game very soon. From Smilegate they have anticipated that ElberSerker could receive a female counterpart Throughout the year 2022. She will be a similar character, but with her own mechanics and new attacks that will suppose the first woman available between gueens.

Despite the initial stumble with the servers, Lost Ark seems willing to launch very interesting developments during the year 2022 to keep the initial pull of which is the fashionable MMO in the West.

How to defeat red eyes observer in Horizon Forbidden West?

Elo will face a number of cars in Horizon Forbidden West, and the players will need to know how to defeat them to collect materials and resources. Redeye Watcher is one of the scout class cars, with which Elo will meet at the beginning of the Forbidden West. These little cars warn their allies after finding an elo, but they are easy enough to win when they are isolated.

In Horizon Forbidden West, each machine has certain weaknesses and is often vulnerable to a special spontaneous damage. Redeye Watcher is a small reconnaissance machine with one substantial weak point: Red Eye . Players can potentially destroy this car with one shot, striking her red eye arrows with a high damage.

Red-eye observers are also weak against shock – attacks, but resist attacks with damage from fire and plasma. The following components are available after the victory over the observer of red eyes:

  • Metal fragments
  • Machine musculature
  • Metal bone
  • Braided wire
  • Little Machine Core
  • Durable solid plate
  • Primary nerve of the observer of red eyes
  • Redeye Watcher Circulator


To override the monitoring of red eyes, the players will need to visit Chi boiler that is located on the southwestern edge of the card next to watchdog .

Want to know how to execute the quest “Children’s Sky” in Forbidden West? Check how to scan bastion in Horizon Forbidden West? in professional guidelines for the game.

Fire Force has come to an end, and so its last chapter was held

After seven years in publication, _ Fire Force, the sleeve created by Atsushi ōkubo, who also delivered us _soul Eater, came to an end with the publication of his chapter 304 in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.

In number 13 of 2022 of this magazine, it was revealed that the story that began in 2015 finally came to an end. To commemorate this end, not only the cover of La Weekly Shonen Jump was starring Shinra Kusakabe and company , but that George Morikawa, author of hajime does not ippo, Hiromu Arakawa, Mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ken Wakui, responsible By Tokyo Revengers, they shared commemorative illustrations.

Regarding the future of ōkubo, in May 2020 it had been mentioned that Fire Force would be the last job of Mangaka. However, Shueisha, publisher in charge of this and more works, issued a statement where he asks the public to be aware of this author’s next work . Along with this, it was mentioned that in the future we will have more information about this manga, but this surely refers to the publication of the last volumes of the manga.


On related topics, this is how Goten and Trunks are seen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Similarly, an official merchandise reveals that Gotenks will be in this film.

Editor’s note:

It will be interesting to see if ATSushi ōkubo will continue to create sleeves or not. Fire Force was not as popular as soul eater, but the fan community were happy with this work, as well as its adaptation to anime.

The spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei arrives on consoles

Soul Hackers 2: 9 minutes of sci-fi JRPG gameplay

At the surprise (and for the greatest pleasure) of the fans, there was an ad concerning the Shin Megami Tensei series. It turns out that a spin-off of the series will come out this year.

Soul Hackers 2 should go out on August 20, 2022. The original series entitled Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, was originally published in 1997 on Sega Saturn, then reissued later on Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

As for the current game that will be released in the summer of 2022, we still know little about the game itself, except what was seen in the trailer. It seems, in terms of combat, that it will be similar to the Persona series and the other Shin Megami Tensei series – that is to say that there is the element of invocation – for Soulmoner Soul, the demons Until now – as part of the fight, with the possibility of combining devils to create new invocations, as seen in previous games. That there is an element of meeting or the exploration of the stories of other characters remains to be seen.

However, there seems to be at least a part of the story, part of the history that is known. According to the trailer (which is limited by age on YouTube, because the game has been classified mature for violence, coarse language, partial nudity, blood and gore), history is articulated around Two spheres.

One is a war between two Devil Summoner factions, the Yagarats and Phantom Society. The other, Ringo and fig, are two beings born from a realm of information continuously. They seem to be super-intelligent beings called “aions” and come in the world of moisture to stop the end of the world.

It seems that players will control Ringo, at least for the most part, and can move around the city, buy items, visit monuments and visit other characters.

Interestingly, when the game will be released on August 26, 2022, at the international, atlude also publish the Soul Hackers 25th Anniversary Special Edition. So, if you are a big fan of Shin Megami Tensei, or if you are intrigued by Soul Hackers, be sure to check it! We will give you more information as and when it exit.

Soul Hackers 2 should go out on PC (Steam), Xbox One, Xbox X | S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation5.

Look too

What time does Elden Ring unlock?

A few more days are missing for the anticipated launch of _ Elden Ring _. It is very likely that at this point you already have your copy, either in physical or digital format. In case of the latter, we already know exactly what time you can start playing it once this title is unlocked in digital stores as much of PLAYSTATION and Xbox , and yes, also on PC.

Via Twitter , the official account of Elden Ring published a graphic useful that explains what time this game is going to unlock in the different parts of the world. In the case of Mexico, Elden Ring will be unlocked at 11pm on Thursday, February 24 , and you can start downloading it from 11pm on Tuesday 22 in * PC and PLAYSTATION . Xbox * players can already download it right now, but they still can not play it until the previously mentioned date.

Of course if you bought it in physical format, you do not have more to wait for your copy to be ready on the day of its launch, which will be this Friday February 25. Elden Ring will arrive at PS5, PS4, Xbox series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

ELDEN RING - PC Releasing 6 HOURS EARLY? Official Launch Times Confirmed! Update News

By the way, we suggest you take care if you are looking for information about this game on the Internet, since much of the story and Gameplay of Elden Ring has been filtered in recent days.

Editor’s note: February has been a truly month-loaded month. In a matter of days we had Horizon Forbidden West, the Next-gene version of Cyberpunk 2077, and now Elden Ring. March paints to be equally loaded, and I do not know where I am going to take time to play all this.

Microsoft Rewards: Punch Cards each with 6000 points for Elden Ring and Grid Legends

Microsoft Rewards Top 10: Anime Edition Punch Card Rewards Guide on Xbox - Unlock an Achievement
It can be worthwhile for gamers if they pre-order their games just before publishing. Because the Microsoft Rewards are offered on console punch cards with several thousand points. So also in the case of the role-playing elden ring or the racing game Grid Legends. For both games, 6000 points can be obtained if you pre-ordered it in the mentioned period. For the two mentioned games you will receive the points if you pre-ordered until March 9th of March 2022. Pre-orders before the 13th and 14th February unfortunately not considered. Besides Elden Ring, there are still possible lucrative punch cards to Roblox and the latest Far Cry 6 DLC “Joseph: Collapse”. The exact conditions for the individual punch cards can be found directly in the pictures.

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