CLADED LEEPARD Entertainment (Representative: Chen Wenwen) revealed a new privilege in the Story RPG, Hero Legendary Legendary Asian Edition.

This privilege is provided as a pre-reservation of the Package Version and the Dictionary Reservation of Dictionary and Dictionary Versions, and the DLC ‘Hollow Core Voice Latoya Hamilton, already released in Japan. Marunduk Battle Maid Suit, ferry dedicated costume DLC Cruer Woy Costume added newly added.

In addition, the original privilege of the only in Asian version is a new costume DLC Beef Suit, anis dedicated Costume DLC Blossom Tiger, which is newly added. The above DLC can be obtained by purchasing a digital version of the package and a digital version that sells on the PS Store from March 9, 2022 to March 9 (Wednesday).

In addition, if you make a download version from February 9, 2022 to Wednesday, you can participate in ‘Early Access’, which will proceed with the pre-release date. More details related to the trajectory can be found in the ‘Official Homepage’.

【Package version Purchase / Digital Version Dictionary Book Privilege / Digital Version Early Purchase Privilege –

● DLC, Hollow Core Voice: Latoya Hamilton

Tactical object XIPHA (Zyapa) system Voice, is a young time, Dr. Hamilton (CV: Kikuko Inoue) to enjoy the original DLC. The navigation voice of the field, battle, and object settings can be changed to the voice of the character, Latoya Hamilton, the character, Latoya Hamilton’s voice.

● Half dedicated costume DLC, Beau Woolf Suit (Asian original costume)
● An ● Dedicated Costume DLC, Blossom Tiger (Asian Original Costumes)
● Rijert-only costumes DLC, Miduk and Battle Maid Suit
● Ferry costumes DLC, Kruger Woy Costume

※ Normal, Spriggan Edition, Digital Standard Version, Digital Deluxe Version, Digital Ultimate Version Common Privilege.
※ Digital Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Version, Digital Ultimate version can be obtained if you have a reservation or purchase from 23:59 (the local time) on March 9, 2022.