Cross-platform play is the ability to enable different gaming systems to share the very same online web servers in a video game, allowing gamers to join together no matter the platform they have. Since the Dream cast as well as PlayStation 2, there have been online video games that support cross-play. Noted right here is an insufficient listing of games that support cross-play with their gaming consoles, computer systems, portable and mobile game gaming consoles note when using.

2021 It has been an intense year in terms of video games in the United Kingdom. While Nintendo Switch was already dominating the panorama, which in turn has been strongly beaten by scarcity of components , the last months of the year have been quite crazy for those of Kyoto. After getting the best week of its history in the country, a phenomenon that coincided with the Black Friday, returns to highlight as the most popular console of 2021 .


GamesIndustry has shared the most popular data last year with the help of GOD and JFK analyzes. Here, it is revealed that the sale of consoles has grown a 14% compared to 2020 and that Nintendo Switch closed the month of December having achieved its second-best year since the launch. Xbox Series also reached impressive figures during the last days, as it confirmed its best month in the United Kingdom from the premiere of the console. No details are given about PS5 beyond having been overcome by Nintendo’s hybrid.

The situation is not as positive with video games, since the purchase of software has decreased by 16% compared to 2020. Focusing on this area, the most popular title of the year has been FIFA 22, which has also begun 2022 with good foot, followed by Call of Duty: Vanguard. Although the list has innovative deliveries, the third position is taken by eternal GTA 5, although FIFA 21 is not far away either. If you want to know more details around this Top , you have it below.