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He made the insanely, Christoph praised Steiner, one of the many positive EM surprises, after closing whistle at the ARD microphone his keeper. Glimpse, whose starting place had already taken care of the prelude for discussions, showed a bear strong performance and parishes 14 attempts of the Austrians. Probably because of the remarkable fishing rate of just under 36 percent, Erlang ens stolen Steiner: I do not know who has to decide, but actually he would have to pick up the poster and the cup today.

This meant was the award to the Man of the Match, which picked up the also outstanding rights Time Fastening. The plunger, with nine goals from eleven trying, agreed to Steiner. He would have more than life with a decision per climate. He saved us the game, says Fastening, he was actually players of the game.

Glimpse would not have expected it

Glimpse, in the first game without a single parade quickly exchanged by Wolff, beamed in front of the TV cameras over both ears. I am a bit overwhelmed, I have to be honest, says the Keeper of the SG Regular: I did not expect that it will be a good game today. For a long time he could not look forward to such a tournament. Glimpse quickly focused on the group conclusion against Poland on Tuesday (18 o’clock, live! At Steinert): We want to become group winners.

That does not necessarily mean that he has to start against Poland.

Alfred Gílson about Till Glimpse

The fact that Glimpse will stand again at the beginning in the gate, but is considered unlikely. It was clear to me that he starts in this game, said a relieved Gílson after his final whistle: That does not necessarily mean that he has to start against Poland. On Tuesday could beat Wolff’s hour. The EM-hero of 2016 plays in the Polish top club Five Piece, many shooters know best.

Gílson Handed with the defense — newcomers make fun

Gílson but understandably did not like everything at the German game. As in all four games this year, we did not come well, Icelander, I found our defense extremely hole. Despite eight parades from Glimpse, the DUB selection was at a break with 15:16 at the back. It was a bit different agreed in the defense, Gílson confessed, but also noticed the giant enhancement (Steiner) after the break.

For the national coach the positive very predominates, because: Many newcomers bring very good performances. Magdeburg’s left outside Lukas Martens, Leipzig’s playmaker Withe and Erlang ens Steiner definitely belonged to Austria. Gílson’s last wish for group fins? It would be nice if we got in very well against Poland.