With Lost Ark, on February 11, 2022 (or on 8 February 2022 for all pioneer package owners), the first major highlight will be released for many RPG fans. In Korea and Russia, the MMO action role play has already been able to celebrate successes, the number of players will gradually increase there. In less than a month, we may for the first time fall to the European servers of the game.

Official guide for new players

Who has not played the Russian or even Korean version of Lost Ark, is now being prepared by the developers on the upcoming MMO adventure — with a guide for new players? Smile gate summarizes Lost Ark for you as follows:

Give yourself on an Odyssey after the lost ark in a huge and vibrant world: Discover new countries, raise lost treasures and fight you struggling and action-loaded struggles. Put your fight style in the class or advanced class, adjust your craft, weapons and Equipment individually and put your skills in the fight against enemy skills, in epic boss fights and against dark forces at the quest for the power of the ark a room for free in this action-packed RPG.

New Lore Trailer also shows Gameplay

For the guide, the Lost Ark Responsible also published a new Lore Trailer, in which you not only learn more about the backgrounds, but also to see a lot of gameplay. Close-up:


The important choice of classes

A big focus of the official guide is on the five classes of Lost Ark. Whether warriors, martial artists, canopies, magicians or assassins: All archetypes offer you not only a very own gameplay style, but also different advanced classes that will make your way to fight again clearly. More information can be found in our overview of the classes of Lost Ark and their specializations .

Anyone who wants to know more about the features of Lost Ark should also look at this video overview:

What does it look like: Are you looking forward to Lost Ark or leave you cold the MMO action role play? Betray us in the comments!