Windjammers 2 - An Arcade Legacy in 2022 (Making-of)
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We are just afraid of the output of Windjammers 2, in two weeks any battery. Before we can get their hands on his title, Dot emu proposes to discover a long Making-of of nearly half an hour returning to the genesis of this unexpected sequence and on its development a tumultuous nothing.

After three years to develop Windjammers 2, Dot emu is finally ready for the big jump. The development of a sequel for this timeless classic of Neo-Geo had nothing obvious and introduced a number of challenges for the French studio and publisher. This adventure, dot emu we share it today in this long Making-of who returns to the genes of its first title developed internally from A to Z: from the search and acquisition of rights, to the development of an engine specifically designed for the title, passing the necessary retro-engineering of the first game to understand all the subtleties or the help of the French Community, this quasi documentary signed Alex Pilot reviews all the important stages of the genes of this continuation.

The first game development team appears in this Making-of and Too Ada chi, told his astonishment from the enthusiasm of this team of French eager to give a follow-up to Windjammers : I was quite intriguing, he said, smile. Why did he like this game so much?. This is the opportunity to discover a number of period documents and learn more about the development of this cult title. In short, the productions of this quenching are rare in promoting a game, and we would not advise you too much to take a look.