After an exciting gaming year, the PC community is now drawing a conclusion and distributed prices. The Steam Awards 2021 go both on new releases and continuous burners. Here you will find an overview of all winners.

Steam Awards 2021: The community has decided

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A good story, blinding graphic or just passion. Also, 2021 there were again numerous games that have particularly impressed the community. As part of the Steam Awards, players were now allowed to vote and reward their favorites. Here you will find the winners of all ten categories:

VR game of the year

In the category VR game of the year the game was searched, which could use the new medium on most effective. Ultimately, the Cooking Simulator VR was able to prevail here. Unfortunately, the technology is not so advanced that you can eat the great dishes.

Work of love

A permanent burner that is still supported with fantastic new updates. Just such a game was searched for the category Work of Love. The winner is terr aria. With 98 percent positive reviews it is one of the most popular games on the platform.

Better with friends

Whether in the co-op or against each other, these games make with friends just more fun. Won the Loop Hit It Takes Two, who sends you through a crazy world full of puzzles.

Outstanding visual style

Actually, the category Outstanding Visual Style should not go to pure graphics power, but unique appearance. Nevertheless, Fora Horizon 5 hatched the visual style of reality here.

Innovative gameplay

The award for the most innovative gameplay is for a game that follows not only known genres, but new experiments dares. The shooter Death loop has hatched with its creative time-cut mechanism.

Best game in which they are bad

A challenging difficulty is sometimes exactly what a game has made a unforgettable challenge. The Steam Award went to Nigh 2 — The Complete Edition this year.

Best soundtrack

Sometimes it needs good sounds next to graphics and gameplay, to let you sink right in a game. Marvels’s Guardians of the Galaxy does the film here and impresses with his soundtrack.

Outstanding game with profound story

Be it laugh or cry: Also 2021 there were again some games that have taught you with their story. The much criticized Cyberpunk 2077 can earn an award here.

Knoll and relax

After a stressful day, a particularly relaxing game helps. Steam had a lot of beads to offer here 2021. The award ultimately goes to the agricultural simulator 22.

Game of the year

Everything must come together with the game of the year. Graphics, Gameplay, Story and more. The finalists Latham, New World, Cyberpunk 2077 and Fora Horizon 5 had to be beaten. The winner is called Resident Evil Village.

The Steam Awards reward the PC games that made 2021 especially impression. In 10 categories, the community was able to vote for their favorites. A great honor for new releases and continuous burners.