A non-fungible token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind and non-interchangeable device of information kept on a blockchain, a type of digital journal. NFTs can be related to reproducible digital data such as photos, videos, as well as audio. NFTs use a digital ledger to provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership, but do not limit the sharing or copying of the underlying digital data. The absence of interchangeability (frangibility) distinguishes NFTs from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.
NFTs have actually attracted objection relative to the power cost and also carbon impact connected with verifying blockchain deals in addition to their constant use in art frauds. More criticisms challenge the usefulness of developing proof of ownership in a commonly extralegal unregulated market.

Rise Online World - Knight Online Successor? Alpha 23rd April 2021 - MMORPG

It happened to what had to happen.

The latest update (1.9) introduced — promised a few months ago — NFT system. So you can say that RISE Online has become another Online supporting cryptos.

NFT is a kind of cryptographic token that works based on the architecture of Blockchain. Each NFT token contains information that distinguish it from other tokens, and they are very easy to verify. Unambiguous tokens are stored as a data unit in architecture called Blockchain, which certifies that a given digital file is unique. Unlike cryptowalut such as Bitcoin or Ethereum NFT tokens are not interchangeable

For now, the NFT system works here in a test, unofficial form, which is to check the network architecture and the general functionality of this element. When everything will play and Scylla, then the actual NFT debut will take place in Rise Online. From this moment, we will be able to — at least in theory — earn money on playing game.

Rise Online is a spiritual successor to Knight Online operating on the Unreal Engine 4. At present, we are currently… in an open closed beta.

Anyone can download and without any obstacles to this Online.