Survival fans are already looking forward to the coming year! We offer you a view of the most exciting survival games that warm you 2022 your heart. Whether PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, on all platforms players benefit from partly bang-hard survival adventures. With ARK 2 or Sons of the Forest two projects expected projects are available in front of a release — at least in the Early Access. But the sing does not the only adventure to which you should wait. Both real-time strategy and action adventure or pixel species provide genre-spread survival features. The following video special introduces you the 20 most exciting games from the Survival area in the coming year. We are curious if some games create it in our shopping guide of the best survival games.

So 2022 have some insider tips on your release. Among other things, we recommend the former Kickstarter project hiking on Steam. The pixel type adventure reminds of a mixture of Started Valley and Do not Starve. Her cares for food, builds a cottage and produces weapons to defend you against zombies. At Steam, the adventure should start in the coming year. Players on console are also waiting for the release of the promising adventure.

Closed shooter such as Dying Light 2 or The Day Before mainly contain RPG and shooter elements. You will find these games in other video specials to the potential games hits 2022. Just look past games.DE in the coming days. We recommend our PC Games-YouTube channel as well. We are also looking forward to this platform for your support in the form of Likes and a subscription. Which survival adventures did you throw an eye on 2022? Let us comment with your favorites to Survival Games next year.

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