It’s time to skip the pace and save your business from the infestation, now on Android. You have heard, the 2D lateral scroll of Studio Pixel, Hero Blaster, has arrived at Android devices. A press release on the ad provides more details.

Hero Blaster’s premise is that there are no humans. Frogs and cats, and other creatures, are the dominant species that lead their daily lives as did any civilization do. The player takes the role of a biped frog. The Master of Detention Sciences. Basically, as head of these sciences, you need to make sure that your company’s teleworkers stay away from strange monsters, while trying not to eat you.

The game trailer, published earlier this month, shows the Gameplay and Hero Blaster’s graphics. Recalling the Side-Scrollers of the past, Hero Blaster seems to reflect a simpler time in the game.

Kero Blaster - ExaGear Emulator Android 2019 (Gameplay)
In addition, the trailer presents some different weapons, tools and gadgets that players will use during their adventure. Blasters with flame launcher and jetpacks, Hero Blaster gives the player an apparently important arsenal to defend his business. In addition, the trailer shows bosses and some levels / steps to which players will face when they continue their adventure to protect the mysterious start-up for which they work: Cat and Frog Inc.

Developed by Studio Pixel, Hero Blaster is now available on Android devices via the Google Play Store. Currently, the game costs $5.99. In addition to the main game, Hero Blaster’s derivatives, Pink Hour and Pink Heaven are now available for free. The fallout follows the desk lady dressed in rose that can be seen shouting after our Frog friend in the caravan. So, you feel frog? Well, huh?

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