In GTA online there for Christmas 2021 presents. You get the Gakkuvanter Baller ST paid. For this, the Festive Care Package with important items. For this, the overflow Zeno is now verfürgbar at Legendary Motorsports.

What kind of gifts? Every Christmas there is the Festive Surprise, including in 2021. You will be rewarded for logging in and playing GTA Online. Now, the team of GTA Online announced to what gifts these are:

Vehicle: Gallivanted Baller ST
Festive Coating for shooting ST
Festive painting for unpublished vehicle Sister Comet S2 Cargo
Festive Care Package
Baseball Bat T-Shirt
Coatings for Bravado Banshee

GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise 2021 DLC Update - FREE Christmas Presents, New Years Day Gifts & MORE!

The Baller St is only 2022 regularly to the dealers in GTA online.

We show you at a glance when ye have to log in to the gifts and the days get her what content in GTA online for free.

These gifts are available in 2021 for Christmas in GTA Online

These are the gifts: The Gallivanted Baller ST with its festive paint causes a stir on the streets:

So it qualifies you for the gifts

What you have to do? Log you in this event a week (up to 29 December 2021), and saves you the free Gallivanted Baller ST. You can order it for free Legendary Motorsport. After that will cost you the car 890,000 GTA dollars.

Get the baller St. This week, then you will receive the Christmas paint for free. In addition, it switches itself free by playing this week, the Christmas coating, for the unpublished car Sister Comet S2.

The Festive Care Package will get you directly to the login. It contains:

A clownfish mask
A festive red shirt
A firework launcher
20 fireworks
Full Snacks
Full armor
25 sticky bombs
25 grenades
5 Proximity Mine

For the past few years you know it, the armor, snacks as well as bombs, grenades and mines were refreshed every day again. Perhaps this is also time for Christmas the case. Snow now falls into GTA Online:

What was there in recent years for gifts?

In GTA Online, it is tradition to give players that play over the holidays, gifts. As a rule, you’ve got to just login and secures you the rewards already. In recent years, among these gifts cool or funny cars, armor, weapons, money and more:

In 2016 there were minor things like masks and small login bonuses
The following year, Rockstar Games you an old BMW sold quite cheap
A car and a lot of gifts distributed Rockstar Games for Christmas 2018
2019 gave Rockstar Games you cool this mini-tank
2020 you rewarded Rockstar Games for Christmas with a Go-Kart

As you enjoy the gifts for this Christmas in GTA Online? Will sign her for a day? Write us in the comments to which the gifts are you looking forward to the most and how you will use it.

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