The 2nd project of the Dungeons & Dragons web series Essential Duty started on January 11, 2018, 4 months after the verdict of the initial project, as well as ended on June 3, 2021. It follows The Mighty Nan, an event of seven adventurers, in their journeys across the continent of Wilde mount. Campaign 2 broadcast each Thursday at 7 p.m. PT on Essential Function Productions’ Twitch and YouTube channel.

Dark Horse has announced the next of his series of Critical Graphic Novels. Paper Contributor: The Mighty Nan Origins — Fjord Stone will be launched in July 2022 and will detail the origins of Fjord, the seafood semi-semiorco and the involuntary avatar of the will of UK’to. The new graphic novel will be written by Kevin Burke and Chris «doc» Wyatt, two of the writers of Amazon Prime’s upcoming animated series. The legend of Vox Machine, that adapts paper critical first campaign. Selina Spirit will illustrate the graphic novel, with Diana Sousa Coloring the comic and Ariana Maker spelling the book. ROL Critical The members of the Matthew Mercer distribution (who created the world of Alexandria) and Travis Willing ham (who played Fjord in the program) contributed to history. You can see the cover of the graphic novel below:

Dark Horse has steadily increased its line of ROL, comics in recent years, with multiple series of comics and Origins of Mighty Nan Line of graphic novels. While most of these comics explore the first adventures of several ROL Critics Characters, the Talk of Alexandria: The Bright Queen is notably established after the three campaigns seen in the program. Previous volumes of The origins of Mighty Nan include stories that focus on Jester Lahore, Caleb Widows, Sasha Nydoorin and Not The Brave.

The official description of the graphic novel says: By growing up in an orphanage on the Costa de Menagerie, Fjord Stone has never felt comfortable with the assumptions that people draw from heritage senior from him. The sweet and sensitive nature of him will not make you any favor at Port Damage. Fortunately, a casual meeting lands at Fjord with a job, a mentor and more adventures than he could ever dream on the road that eventually will take him to the rest of the Mighty Nan! «

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Paper Critic: The Mighty Nan Origins — Fjord Stone will be launched at comic stores on July 13, 2022.