MAGIC MISADVENTURES ⭐ Ratings - New Legends of Runeterra Expansion
A new update comes to Legends of Runeterra today, the Riot Games card title. Titled ‘Magical misadventures’, the game received 43 new letters, among which are 4 new champions: HRI, Kennel, Pantheon and Rumble.

The update introduces a new keyword The update also arrives with a new keyword : destination. Any unit with destination will receive an extra point of attack and life the first time in each round that an allay letter selects them. The Champion Pantheon has this keyword, making it an opponent difficult to defeat once several shifts have passed during the game.

To better familiarize players with this new implementation, the game contains new missions and challenges. In addition, the VS. IA mode has new disposable decks, so you can play games and know all the newly added letters and its operation before venture into competitive mode.

Obviously, the update has also introduced changes in several already existing letters in Legends of Runeterra. For example, the Poppy Champion has received a slight adjustment, as the domain of it in the game was more than notorious for Riot Games. New Aspects are also available by taking advantage of the Christmas season. These are: Baum Santa, HRI Queen Frosted, and Tristan Ella Buena.

Magical misadventures include more than just this, so if you want to know all the details, we recommend consulting them within the official site. If you are looking for is to know immediately All the letters newly added to the game, you can do it comfortably thanks to Analytics.