Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reconnaissance Phantoms (more typically shortened GRP and also formerly called Go for Ghost Spy Online) is a third-person shooting game released on April 10, 2014, after a little over 2 and also a fifty percent of beta. It is a spin-off of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reconnaissance collection. It is exclusively multiplayer and also a cost-free to play. For the initial time in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Spy series, the game offers the Ghosts antagonists, the Phantoms. On August 25, 2016, Ubisoft makes a decision to wrap up the game and the web servers from December 1, 2016.

Battlefield 2042’s next large spot, update 3.1, will certainly be launched on December 9, DICE has introduced. This upgrade consists of modifications, renovations, as well as repairs in a selection of areas, including hit registration, bullet diffusion as well as recoil, and also an insect that can create gamers to come to be unnoticeable.

The 3.1 patch additionally makes balance adjustments to ground automobile cannons to make them less reliable versus bear up foot, while it likewise fixes a variety of pests pertaining to explosives as well as launchers. On Xbox particularly, it ought to become simpler to opt out of cross-play, while the patch likewise makes some audio enhancements to boost the overall clearness of audio and to provide gamers a much better audio experience as it connects to understanding where sounds are coming from.

You can find the complete spot notes listed below. The update goes live at 12 AM PT/ 3 AM ET on December 9, so be certain to establish your video game to update immediately, so you can begin as quickly as possible. There is no scheduled downtime for this new upgrade.

This is the final significant Battlefield 2042 upgrade to come prior to the holidays. The game’s development teams are taking time off for the holidays and also will return in 2022 to obtain the game ready for its Period 1 launch.

In various other information, Battlefield 2042 is reportedly adding a fight royale setting soon, while it has actually been discovered that you can pet the game’s robot-dog murder equipment.

Furthermore, EA has formally introduced plans to create a Battlefield cosmos, with several new experiences in the works, consisting of tale material from Halo professional Marcus Lento’s new group. In addition, Respawn manager Vince Capella is supervising the entire Battlefield series moving forward.

Battlefield 2042 Update 0.3.1.

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements.


Gamers that are not the Party Leader can now terminate while waiting in a line.
Xbox — Cross-Play can now be enabled/disabled in the Options’ menu on Xbox.
Your Type settings will certainly now be properly remembered when revitalizing the Battlefield: Website Web Server Internet Browser.
Repaired a problem where loadouts would sometimes be empty on the generate screen after joining a server, avoiding weapon choice.
Made enhancements to ensure Goal Assist is more regular throughout console gameplay.
Ranger’s effective combat array and also general health has actually been reduced.


Made numerous tweaks to the general audio experience to improve clearness, distance as well as directional perception.
Repaired a concern where soldiers would certainly not always play interior particular footsteps.

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Removed bounce from Under barrel Grenades when firing at brief distances.
40 mm AP Grenades now effectively damage cars.
Fixed some weapons presenting incorrect ammo counts for particular magazines.
DXR-1 as well as NTW-50 Screw Activity rifles refill animation boosted by 0.2 secs.
Adjusted dispersion worth for many weapons, which causes a faster dispersion reduction when faucet shooting or doing brief bursts.
Adjusted dispersion increases for a lot of weapons. It currently takes slightly longer for weapons to end up being excessively imprecise in sustained fire.
Adjusted the recoil worth to avoid over aggressive recoil leaps for the AK24, CMG, PKP-BP, FARM GL, and PP-29.
Boosted hip fire precision for all SMS to make them far better stand-out from other automatic tool archetypes.
LEG dispersion and recoil decreased to improve efficiency in sustained fire.
Added renovations to recoil control for all tools, even more particularly automatic tools.
Boosted close quarters damages as well as uniformity of the MCS-880 when making use of Buckshot Covering or Fléchette Shells.
Taken care of an insect that created bullets to be discharged below the gamer’s goals for the FARM GL as well as the K30.


Repaired an insect where vehicle tools occasionally did not deal blast damage on a direct hit.

We’re decreasing the Ground Automobile 30 mm Cannon performance versus infantry. It currently gets too hot quicker, has a somewhat decreased rate of fire and blast damage, and enhanced diminish damage at range.
Rate of Fire 350 → 330.
Warmth Per Bullet 0.13 → 0.14.
Warmth Drop Per Second 0.5 → 0.475.
Blast Damage 20 → 18.
NCAA Hovercraft — 40 mm GPL Grenade Launcher.
Blast Damage decreased from 55 → 35.
The 40 mm Utility Sheath upwards shooting angle is now easier to utilize.
eBay Wildcat — 57 mm Cannon.
Eliminated dispersion.
Ammunition 12 → 8.
Impact Damages 85 → 75.
Blast Damage 70 → 35.


Frag Grenade.

Boosted the moment to detonate a Frag Grenade from 1.1 s → 1.4 s after first bounce on a tough accident.
Raised damages of Frag Grenades throughout video game modes to deal 120 damages as well as ensure a kill on armored players too.
Decreased Frag & Incendiary Grenade max ammunition account from 2 → 1.

Pro Sensing unit.

Lowered spotting radius from 30 m → 20 m.
Reduced uptime from 30s → 14s.
Decreased amount of Pro Sensor a player can carry as well as deploy from 2 → 1.

Battlefield Hazard Area.

Fixed a concern that caused the roaming Occupying Forces LATV4 Recon to generate at the wrong times or otherwise whatsoever.


Kaleidoscope — Rooftop Capture Objective has actually been removed. There are currently two Capture Objective near the bottom in BT huge as well as one near the bottom in BT tiny.
Orbital — Rooftop Capture Objective has actually been gotten rid of. There is now a single Capture Objective at the base in BT large and also BT little.
Shapely — Rooftop Capture Objective has been eliminated. There is now a single Capture Objective at the base in BT huge as well as BT small. Likewise, fixed a concern where gamers were generating out of bounds.


Improvements on back-pedaling into objects when being in vulnerable placement.
Fixed an unusual concern where players might transform unseen when spawning on a full/destroyed vehicle.

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