Call of Duty Vanguard and War zone Pacific Season 1 is there, and that means you can unlock a handful of new weapons to enhance your arsenal (as if it were not big enough…) New Caldera card.

In Season 1, you can pick up a new short-range assault rifle, the Cooper Carbine, which is considered as a rival of the machine. With more recoil as its rival, but higher loss of damage, it will not only worry the machine, but also some of the best SMS from War zone. By the description alone, it reminds us of the fare from Black Ops Cold was that once was one of the best war zone weapons, so it looks rosy for the Cooper.

But how do you shut down the Cooper Carbine in War zone Pacific Season 1? How long will you grind until you can try this close-range fueling yourself? All information about the new assault rifle here.

Cooper Carbine War zone unlock


The Cooper Carbine can be unlocked for use in War zone from reaching level 15 with the Battle Pass for Season 1. This is available for all players as it is one of the free stages in the Battle Pass.

If you do not create it for some reason to reach Animal 15 before Season 1 is completed, the Cooper Carbine will probably be unlocked later via a challenge in the game.

It’s that easy. Grind a bit, and you could be the proud owner of a Cooper Carbine in Season 1 of War zone Pacific. Will this new weapon be served in Caldera Chaos and become part of the War zone Meta? We have to wait and see.