Xbox Video game Studios, produced in 1994 Under the name Microsoft Game Studios (additionally referred to as Microsoft Gaming as well as Microsoft Studios), is a firm had by Microsoft that develops and releases video clip games for Microsoft Windows marked platforms or Xbox, Xbox consoles 360, Xbox One and also Xbox Collection.

Beginning the odyssey at 2002, the Halo Saga became the most renowned within the Xbox family. Being a symbol For the entire community of this Microsoft platform, it is difficult to find an Xbox passionate who has not played some title of the franchise created by Bungee Studios.

Which Halo is Best?  All 7 Games Ranked Worst to Best.

As it happens with Mario titles, everyone has its favorite delivery of this saga. Despite not being as old as other franchises, we already have more than enough titles to assemble the worst list to the best, with the assistance of the Portal Metacritic. Joining Professional Player and Press Means, these punches are as close to an objective rating of each delivery, and then we share the list.

Despite having his trips, something common in franchises with several deliveries, Halo continues to shine for million players around the world. With Halo Infinite around the corner, and promising to be a great starting point for those who start their trip in this saga, surely you will have enough opinions on your launch day. Where else in the list do you think it’s going to be?