As we all know, the prime Warframe rotation usually takes place every three months. It is a bit more than two since Sides Prime ago, so fans of Warframe have speculated when the next prime appears. Since Sides is a male, there must be another male frame to fit the two males and two females in rotation. Now in the latest Jetstream unveiled, Harrow Prime comes out much earlier when we thought in Warframe.

Harrow Prime in Warframe

Warframe: CALIBAN First Look, Harrow Prime, NEW WAR Release Date & Cinematic - Dev 158 Recap
Harrow Prime should be published at the same time as the New War. In a trailer published today, it was revealed that the nearest largest update is published 15 . December 2021.

Of course, every other prime Warframe will give two weapons characteristic of the framework. Unfortunately the only weapon we know he will have the scourge prime, an improved counterpart to the regular scourge. This is a harpoon weapon with an automatic weft mechanism with a small AOE when impact and a secondary throwing mechanism.

The Scourge Prime has the following values ​​compared to the regular scourge:

Faster access speed (2.2 Vs 2.5 seconds)
Higher critical opportunity (10% vs. 2.0%)
Higher critical multiplier (2.0x vs 1.5x)
Higher base damage (80 etching VS 70 corrosive)
Higher radial attack damage (60 etching vs. 55 corrosive)

Harrow Prime has the following statistics compared to regular Harrow:

Higher shield capacity (600 VS 450)
Higher energy (188 vs. 150)

Together with Harrow Prime, the Warframe in general, whether normal or prime, will receive some essential improvements to its complete equipment. The following is expected to change:

condemn now has its radius growth scale with range (modifiable with range mods)
Non-scaling AOE around Harrow Founding on enemies in condemn
BUILD will now have an explosion in action based on sacrificed shields
terrible has an increased charging current
Edge will start with additional energy at the beginning of a mission (similar to the preparation mod)

How to get Harrow Prime

If it is an indicator like any other prime Warframe, Harrow Prime must be earned by relics. He will have his own manageable relics in which there is a likelihood that each part is dropped. These include the weapons with which he is released. The relics have not yet been detailed or published.

For people who avoid Relic Farming and get Harrow immediately, you must look for the coming Prime Access, which contains it with accessories. These are for Harrow and his weapons at about 40 USD. Everything else like accessories is offered at a higher premium price.

Tenn, write the 15th in the calendar, because in the coming weeks it will be Grind City not only for the new things that came in the New, but also for Harrow Prime and its characteristic loadout.

Warframe is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X, Nintendo Switch and PC.