On Reddit, a publication in the NEW World category has urged players not to spend money on cosmetics within the game to show dissatisfaction by the numerous errors considered deficient. There has not been too talked about the Reddit publication, but there was no longer the announcement of the New World store. Players are not happy to see this type of content appear in the game, and only ask for one thing: the error correction. The community has discovered that important errors are not corrected and that the appearance of a patch often results in many more errors. The reactions to this call to boycott are several:


Some find it good to show dissatisfaction with these errors in this way.
To others it is immoral to do so.
Another group believes that cosmetics are not beautiful enough to buy them.

But another concern arises after this call to boycott: The appearance of the appearances of the armor leave a lot to be desired. Many players do not want to disburse a penny as they have discovered that cosmetics do not look pretty enough to buy them. In Update 1.1.0, design teams had pronounced on the artistic branch they were taking, but the community did not seem to appreciate it.

Despite these differences of taste, is still sad to see calls to a boycott with the hope of a correction of errors that are worthwhile. The closure of the auction house, duplications, weapons errors, the scarcity of resources, the elimination of elements considered important for players, the review of the craftsmanship and more faults are creating discord in the game forums. A December update is expected to increase the content of the MMO, but especially for the various corrections of clear errors within the game.

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