We are undoubtedly in full season of Pokémon, the Saga turns 25, and we have not stopped receiving novelties and many items for fans. This past month we met one of the most exclusive objects of Baccarat’s hand saga, a glass Pikachu of 20,000 euros limited to just 25 units.

It has LED lighting for flames although the sum it ascends this huge figure of Harvard is far from that figure, it is not suitable for all pockets. It is a statue of Polynesia manufactured by Unique Art Studios where we are presented to the majestic fire-type Pokémon flying on flames. In addition to the main material, it has several pieces of different materials and with LED lighting.

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The figure will not reach the third quarter of 2022 The size of the figure ascends to 74 cm high, 55 cm wide and 64 cm deep, with a weight of 18.8 kg. It is a limited series that is already available to book in stores and with a price of 829 dollars. If you encourage you to do with it, you must know that you will still have to wait to have it at home, the figure will not begin to be sent until the third quarter of 2022.

On November 19 we receive Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl, the return to one of the most beloved generations by the community, although if you are waiting for Legends Pokémon: Areas, in 3DGames we talk about this next evolution for The saga and the ambitious bet of Game Freak.