Halo Infinite is finally at the doors of your arrival at the market. 343 Industries hHalo not had an eHaloy way until you reach this moment. At first, we expected it Halo a luxury companion for the launch of Xbox Series X | S, the new generation of those of Redmond. However, the problems derived from his presentation in 2020 made him dilate his marketing something more than a year. We tell you what you should know for not forgotten nothing.

Halo Infinite | Campaign Launch Trailer

Halo Infinite will receive exclusive monthly contents of Xbox Game PHalos Ultimate
HALO INFINITE PUBLIC FOREVER WE FILT, an emotional trailer with real actors

When will Halo Infinite be launched?

You must know that Halo Infinite’s offer is divided into two major experiences: campaign and multiplayer. Both will officially arrive on December 8 to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. However, the multiplayer beta is currently available, which includes all the contents that will be available from the Launch Day. The progress you make in it will be linked to your profile, so you do not lose anything, including purchHaloes you have made.

What is the infinite halo price?

That division of experiences impacts fully in the price. The Halo Infinite multiplayer will arrive with a free to play, that is, free access but with monetization inside. If you want to enjoy the new chapter of the MHaloter Chief you must acquire the campaign, which will be put on sale from 69.99 euros. It will maintain the price both in physical and digital format. In Spain, it will not be available with special editions of any kind, except for the Steel book variant of the physical standard edition. For the same price you will receive a metallic box with infinite halo motifs.

The campaign will be added the same day to Xbox Game PHalos catalog in all modalities. If you are a member you can play without content restriction of any kind. The progress you make will be saved in your profile in cHaloe you give you off. Find more information on this link.