The E-Sport Team Virtuoso has set an 18-year-old player as a professional for the online shooter Valorant, but overlooking the background check an important detail: When the Community alarm hit, the team has released the player. He now swears to change.

That’s the situation:

The North American E-Sport Team Virtuoso was looking for a 5th player for her Valorant team and found him in the 18-year-old Anthony Oceans Nguyen. An American with roots in Asia, which has on Twitch 722 followers and apparently an excellent Valorant player is.
After the team announced on Friday, November 26th, that you set it, but counterwind came from the community. It was said that there was a distributor of children’s pornography.
The team then has separated from the player on Monday, 29 November.

16-year-old ex-girlfriend says players distributed nude pictures of her

What is the allegation against the player? Already at the end of July, a 16-year-old Twitter user raised serious allegations against Oceans. She said she was about 3 weeks with him until she finished the relationship because Oceans wanted to progress too fast without a real connection (via Twitter).

Oceans would have written many of his and her friends after the end of the relationship, as sad he was. She understood that as manipulation to put it under pressure to take it back.

The Twitter user continues, she was not proud of it, but she would have sent Oceans nude photos of themselves, but had already asked him several times that they do not store, but delete them. He also assured her that and she believed that. This refers them in retrospect as stupid and naive.

When he became angry for a few days later but apparently from jealousy, he started sending these pictures different people in the Discord server.

The Twitter user said in June:

Oceans is 17, will be on November 18.
She is now 16 years old.

She was incredibly angry with himself to have brought himself into a situation in which she was so vulnerable.

This is how the team responds: When the team has been informed about these allegations of July informed of angry Twitter users, they have announced the player, to retire from the game operation and a new player too Looking for.

Player says he has lost scholarship, makes a therapy

So Oceans reacts: He says while he was still 17 years old, he was serious mistakes in his judgment. He apologized immediately. He was already Redoubt at that time and lost his scholarship at the school, because there was also out what he had done (Via Twitter).

Oceans now says he is looking for help and have a therapy started with the help of the school.

He respects the decision of Virtuoso to dismiss him and wants to apologize to the whole community, but above all with his ex-girlfriend.

The situation, but not mistake, remembers the streamer Lariats, too was a professional player for a few days until they picked up their past:

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