Every month there are discussions about the free games for PS Plus, which exists for the PS4 and PS5. Now PlayStation itself has jelly the games. Thus, the previously known Leaks were now more or less officially confirmed.

What are that for games? PS PLUS is a paid abode service, which you need when you want to play online on the PS4 or PS5. As a free addition, Sony puts three free games every month, which you can get you.

Before official announcement, there are always a lot of rumors around PS plus. But now PlayStation itself has confirmed the official PS-Plus games.

PlayStation Germany introduces too early PS plus games for December 2021

That’s happened now: Officially the PS-Plus games are officially presented at 17:30 at the early evening. Now the official Twitter account of Playstation-Germany has probably put the announcement online too early. This reports some users on Reddit (via reddit.com).

PS Plus December 2021 FREE Games - Worth it to Download?

The Tweet is now re-deleted, but the Internet does not forget information and now there are various screenshots of the Tweet. On the screenshot not only the official Tweet of PlayStation Germany can be seen, but it is also the official games to recognize.

Which games come? The Tweet confirms the games in PS plus in December 2021 already a week ago.

Godfall: Challenger Edition
LEGO DC Super-Villians
Mortal Shell
and three PSV bonus title

Especially the PSV bonus titles are a surprise. This recalls a little at PS plus in November 2021. Because in November 2021 Sony had already given away three additional PSV titles. Occasion was the birthday of the PlayStation. It is not yet known if there are three new games or whether it will continue to give the previously known PSV games as an addition.

If the Leaks are now votes, from which after the official Leak is going to go, then you get a real cool coup title for your console in December. These are LEGO DC Super Villains, which is well worthwhile thanks to strong synchronizer speakers.

Suppeciallyly, Sony in December 2021 gives you a cool coop title for PS4 and PS5