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The Outer Worlds - Nintendo Switch Announcement
Obsidian Successful RPG will be available in retail and Nintendo shop.

After Private Division had launched other platforms with great success last year, Private Division announced this The outer worlds is published on March 6 for Nintendo Switch. The Switch Port is managed by Virtues and is available in retail and via the Nintendo shop. Unfortunately, the sales version contains only a digital code and no physical playing card.

The outer worlds takes place in the distant future, where various megaton cores have settled various planets in the Halcyon system. The protagonist awakens to a colonial ship and finally starts a mission to save his co-colonists. Things advised quickly out of control, as different factions vying for power and the player himself must decide how things should develop.

Obsidian Entertainment was very, very surprised when we saw the Proof of Concept of Virtues, although we were not sure how the switch version looks or plays. So we will see how it shoots out at the start. For all others, DLC was confirmed for the game for the publication this year. Tagged: Nintendo Switch, Obsidian Entertainment, PC, Private Division, PS4, The External Worlds, Virtuoso, Xbox One