Currently, a clip in the social media is currently circulating that someone has gotten the wrong version of the latest Pokémon remakes: instead of Polka is suddenly Diana in front of him. What’s there, and how can something happen?

Pokémon clip shows annoying bug

The Pokémon Community is split: On the one hand, there are many fans who have fun with Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl. On the other hand, it also hits a lot of criticism — among other things for the graphic, but also due to the many bugs.

If you just do not lock the game, you could get the wrong version and notice it just too late. This is at least, now, apparently happened to a buyer.

A TK TOK clip shows how an affected person in the game faces Diana, the legendary Pokémon of radiant pearl. But when she goes to the main menu, it is clearly clear: actually she bought glowing pearl and should therefore now stand in front of Polka:

Since a single line code determines in the game which version you play, this can actually have come to a little mistake by the developer INCA. In principle, therefore, both versions are preinstalled in your game.

In the comments, some have rain over the bug, others my Diana is the better legendary Pokémon anyway. In the comment area, however, the authenticity of the clip, or the guilt of the manufacturer, is called into question. After all, the game could have been chopped by the poster self. This is not the only known case about such a mistake. There were already reports on Reddit. (Reddit / Beary-Allen09)

High sales figures despite hard criticism

More and more bugs flood the social media. A particularly strange graphic mistake, you can see here:

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Sinnoh Region Intro!

Even game breaking mistakes were found.

Nevertheless, the remakes sell fantastic. Pokémon radiant diamond and bright pearl celebrate after just under a week release, despite everything, a large milestone: Remakes have already laid the second-largest switch launch in Japan after three days. With 1.4 million units sold, the Pokémon Launch thus ranks behind the one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with 1.8 million. (Source: Games industry)

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