In the opinion of the Düsseldorf Aldos physiotherapist Aldo Velar, many football professionals express their injuries thoroughly enough and come back to the square far too fast. Velar warns of such comebacks and calls as an example BVB superstar Erlang Haaland.

At Erlang, I would spontaneously say: much too much, too early and too much stress. And: The cause has not been resolved, said Velar the German Press Agency.

When Mbappe & Haaland Met For The First Time
Haaland, who is likely to miss Borussia Dortmund for a hip boss injury again for a few weeks, had come back after the previous injury quickly under pressure, said Metairie, which, however, does not look after the 21-year-old Norwegian. The recovery opportunities of the BVB star he holds for high. Only fact is: a third time in such a short time that should not happen!

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In the care of teams with around 25 athletes you can rather do not make any secured statements about injury trends, Knellururg Werner Crutch, club doctor of the 1st FC Nuremberg, acknowledged. If you still lead a classic Aldos practice and see 60 patients on the day over ten hours — then you can already do hard statements: there are clear tendencies that the number of Aldos violations is up-to-date, said the 41-year-old professor.

In the Bundesliga there is no official injury register yet. But what we can say, just currently after the Lockdown that many professionals get to return problems, the last 18 months were simply not normal for them, said Crutch, a specialist for cruciate ligaments, the DPA.