About the playoff, the Austrian national team could still be the leap to the World Cup 2022. The field of possible opponents is always clearer.

Because the OF team celebrated the group win in the Nations League in the fall of the previous year, the playoff in March still has the chance of a World Cup qualification.

How the 2022 European Play-offs Work: The CHANGES, COUNTRIES Involved & The Draw Date
Fix is ​​already: Simply the qualification about the playoff is not. A possible opponent could be about Portugal with Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

If one escapes the Portuguese, but it will not be Easy either. Russia is also a possible opponent, the other options are with great truthfulness of Sweden, Poland, Wales and Switzerland.

What it is in the playoff concretely: the two group winners of the Nations League and the ten second of the quasi groups in Europe, who have not qualified directly for the World Cup and not as second for the playoffs, snaps the last three World Cups in March Offers.

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It only rises a K.O.-duel in the semifinals, then the final. The set teams have in the semi-final home advantage, Austria is unsubscribed.