Erzgebirge AUE has gained air in the table cellar of the 2nd football Bundesliga air. The team of coach Panel Porsche won the duel of two East German traditional clubs at the promoted Hans Rostock 2: 1 (1: 1) and at least temporarily left the descent ranks.

With 14 points, the violets are only three counters behind Rostock.

Spatenstich Sport- und Freizeitzentrum Aue

Nicolas Kuhn (19th) and Antonio Ionic (66.) achieved the goals for the guests, John Verse (37.) had interdependent for the Best newcomer of the season as a whole newly promoted newcomer.

At the beginning, both teams could not set any significant accents. After a quick presence, boldly kept the nerves and met with the help of the right post to the guidance for the guests. A flattering penalty made for the compensation: Kevin Schumacher went in the sixteen to the ground, referee Patrick Old pointed to the point, and Heroes lost AUE goalkeeper Martin meal.

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After the break, the guests were initially done in the offensive game, Rostock mostly restricted themselves to the counter. Then Ionic struck a surprisingly from half-law in the penalty area. Only two minutes later, the substitute Jan Hochscheidt awarded the preliminary decision.