Kingdom Come: Deliverance was made with an important gap between the fans of the medieval role in 2018, when it reached the stores originally for PC and consoles. Since then the video game has sold four million copies, of which one million corresponds to the last year and a half; In other words, medieval action RPG continues to sell at a good pace despite its already distant launch.

This data was shared yesterday shortly before the presentation of the last fiscal results of Embrace Group, the parent company of THE Nordic, and confirms the good performance of Warhorse Studios.

Kingdom Eat will come out in Switch

However, there are still several basses to their managers to continue expanding the success of the RPG. Thus, for a few months it is known that Kingdom eats: Deliverance will come to Nintendo Switch, with a curious story about your ad that we picked up in 3D games. To adapt it to the system, Warhorse Studios will have the support of Knowledge Interactive, which signed in the past the acclaimed Port of The Witcher 3.

It will not be the only way to play on laptop to Kingdom eats: Deliverance. From Social Networks Warhorse Studios also shared a few days ago his enthusiasm for being able to enjoy his production in Steam Deck, the hardware to take everywhere in Valve who recently announced a delay in his distribution.

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Kingdom eat: Deliverance proposes to users to live an open world RPG based on the story that immerses them in an epic adventure in the Sacred Roman Empire. In the analysis of Kingdom Eat: Deliverance published in 3DGames, we value the capacity of the video game to offer a breath of fresh air to gender.