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Confederation and countries have also agreed at their meeting on Thursday for tightening Corona rules for the (amateur) sports: access should be limited from a certain threshold to vaccinated and geneses (2G). In the case of increasing numbers, these also need a negative test.

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The countries will in future if the new hospitalization rate reported for the respective country exceeds the threshold 3 (explanation see below), restrict access to sporting events and exercises on vaccinated and geneses, it is under point 8 of the decisions published on Thursday night. As you know, two federal states have already made this step with Saxony and Thuringia — with the result that the respective associations have exposed their game operation. Whether other associations follow this example is, of course, is uncertain. A game operation under 2G rules is quite conceivable.

Should the threshold of 6 be exceeded, the 2G-Plus control enters into force — then vaccinated and recently need a negative corona test before sports exercise. From a value of 9, the federal states can still impose sharper action. If the threshold is fallen below five days in a row, the regulations can be reinvested. By the way, the rules should only apply to adults. Children and adolescents as well as persons who can not be vaccinated for health reasons are excluded from the measures. Compliance with the measures should be consistently and more intense than previously controlled.

What the threshold means

The threshold, which now inflows as a new value into the corona regulations, indicates the hospitalization rate in the respective federal states. It is calculated by the number of general hospital instructs from COVID-19 patients per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. The RKI announces the value usually from Monday to Fridays in the early afternoon (here is the current data — the hospitalization rate can be found under Federal States ). Stand Friday, twelve of the 16 federal states are already tearing the threshold 3rd leader Thuringia has even had a value of over 18. With which time limits the new rules according to respective border crossings came into force, has not yet been concretized.