The magic Kingdom, or enchanted kingdom is the amusement park built like Disneyland for Walt Disney World Resort. It was opened on October 1, 1971, in Orlando, Florida, in the far north of the Walt Disney World Resort complicated, at the end of an exclusive highway almost 10 kilometers, the World Drive. Its area of 43.3 hectares, situated between Disneyland in The golden state (37 ha) which of Disneyland Park in France (55 ha), is not utilized in its entirety, mainly behind Fantasy land. It is delimited by the train that encircles the park. Unlike his big bro of The golden state, all the environments of the park are under the total control of the Disney company.

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In a surprising gesture, but nice today, Disney collaborated with Minecraft creators to give a taste of the Magic Kingdom. As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the opening of the Florida Park, Disney and Minecraft have created a brand new Walt Disney World experience for Minecraft. This includes a giant card to explore for players and many Disney appearances and Pixar in the form of blocks. So, you can say hello to buzz lightning, Mickey Mouse and more!

Minecraft Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom - Skin Pack + World Review!
In this faithful recreation, players can enjoy the Minecraft and Disney experience by exploring the park s leisure. It is also possible to make various rides in the park, like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Pirates and Space Mountain ride! So, even if you can not go to the park in real life, you can enjoy the new experience. It is also possible to get all kinds of new Disney items to wear for yourself in this DLC. This can include Mickey Mouse s ears, Hook s well, crochet, Elsa s dress and Woody s hat. It is also possible to get Disney skins that players can use, such as Mickey, Bigger, Hitchhiker Shiners and park guest skins for the pleasure of all. In addition, it seems that there are fireworks that are triggered at night near Walt Disney Castle, which promises to be very fun.

Although it s not the same as going to the park in person, it shows a little a more interactive fun experience for Minecraft players of all ages. For those who want the DLC for themselves, it is currently available on the Minecraft market. The current cost is 1,340 fixes, which translates into a little less than ten US dollars. This particular DLC was also created by Ever bloom Games, which also created other Minecraft LCS such as Flowers of Fashion and Château construct.

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