The developer of the beautiful Yonder has landed with a new game on Steam. Grow: Song of the Degree does not just look like Animal Crossing, but also units the relaxing sites of the game: her builds, planting, creates new worlds and explores their secrets.

Winter lays down with gray clouds on Germany while it is getting colder outside. The best medicine against the winter low: a relaxing game, with which you can cuddle off a blanket in the end of work; A game like Grow: Song of the Degree.

Developer Prideful Sloth has previously set the beautiful Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles into the world in which you are researching a peaceful world and tackled tasks for their residents. GROW goes a step further in the direction of Feel-good game : Not only does the style of the construction and farming adventure inventory reminds of Animal Crossing, also surprises with creative design ideas, such as the possibility of growing new worlds from specially produced world tree seeds permit.

In Grow: Song of the Degree can explore mysterious caves and make friends with NPCs:

GROW: Song of the Degree is therapy for the soul

Do you want to collect stones, catch fish or just explore the world? In Grow: Song of the Degree is almost all free: In the cute animated world you can collect objects such as flowers and produce magical seeds over alchemy. When you plant and maintained these, grow new worlds, which in turn can visit and explore.

Therapy ceiling for better sleep, stress reduction and anxiety

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It s about it in Grow: Song of the Degree: The World Malaria has lost all its own beautiful worlds that previously grew on the branches of the Mystic Egg Republic. Your task is to light the tree new life — and relax! Did you find a world that you like, you can not only build your home there, but equal to a village in which NPCs will move in? With those you can make friends by talking about them, doing tasks for them or makes them gifts.

Under the worlds, you can explore mysterious caves and collect new items that bring you on.

Grow: Song of the Degree has been inspired without the question of games like Animal Crossing or Star dew Valley, but brings some original ideas, such as the opportunity to grow new worlds. The game is on 16 . November appeared and can be purchased for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One or on the PC.