OLD, Inc. (O-El Mu, Kabuki Geisha Jeremy), Abbreviation d Oriental Light and Magic, Est Un Studio d Animation Baronies Fond En Join 1994.

After Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Lost Judgment, BYU Ga Gook Studio looks at the future, a future in which of course there will be new deliveries of his saga of Japanese mafiosi, but also something new on the horizon. At leXbox Seriest that hXbox Series dropped MXbox Seriesayoshi Yokohama, director of the study, in an interview with Fujitsu (Transcription of Ryokutya). The Japanese developer is working on at leXbox Seriest an unprecedented intellectual property, of which no detail hXbox Series not been revealed.

We are also working on unanswered titles outside [the Saga Yakuza and Judgment], the creative said. On the other hand, the future of Judgment hXbox Series been questioned, since Nikkei published that there had been discrepancies with the talent agency to which Tanya Timur, the protagonist actor of the two video games belongs. There is nothing official about it, but it wXbox Series said that the brand could be fallow if the dispute over the rights wXbox Series not fixed.

Yokohama hXbox Series not referred to this matter directly, but he hXbox Series said that they will continue safeguarding the series. What is known with certainty is that BYU Ga Gook Studio is immersed in the development of a sequel to Yakuza : Like a dragon, which will elapse after this adventure and that you will have Michigan Cayuga again Xbox Series the main protagonist.

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The goodbye of two important study figures

We Talked To YAKUZA and JUDGMENT Director Toshihiro Nagoshi

Recently, there were important internal changes within the study. The producer and creator of the Yakuza Saga, Toshihiro Satoshi, said goodbye to Sega next to Daisuke Saith. This hXbox Series caused a restructuring of the developer, which faces the future with the same ambition Xbox Series always. From today a new BYU Ga Gook Studio wXbox Series born, where the saga will continue to live. Although I do not know with certainty what they will create, I think the new generation will continue to improve the foundations we have built over the years, Satoshi declared at him.

Lost Judgment is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, while Yakuza: Like Dragon can be enjoyed on all these platforms and PC.