Lost Ark is a computer system game released in 2019 southern Korean developer Tripod Studio and also Smile gate RPG. The video game initially showed up specifically as a free-to-play title in South Korea. Publications in Russia, Japan, The United States And Canada and also Europe are introduced. As an author, Delegate in Korea as well as Japan, VK in Russia and also Amazon Gaming in Europe as well as The United States And Canada. Lost Ark integrates components of the style action parlor game with those of an enormously multiplayer online parlor game (MMORPG) and is therefore also referred to as activity MMORPG or MMORPG. Lost Ark was awarded a number of times at the Korea Video Game Honors 2019.

We from Mango have started a survey as well as during the New World Beta as well as during the New World Beta and asked you how you find. Lost Ark comes a lot better away, but why?

Which survey is going? We asked you how you fish out the beta of Lost. On our call, 1,485 people reacted and coordinated — they were surprisingly agreed. Less than 10% of you did not find the beta so good or bad, which means that over 90% had a positive experience with the beta.

The same thing we have asked you at New World. At this survey, about twice as many users participated, namely 3,058.

16% of the beta of New World found either not good or even terrible. Only 64% gave a positive assessment of the New World Beta. In the following we would like to review the surveys more closely and explain why that is so.

These are the numbers: In order to compare the surveys, you must first know the exact numbers. Of course, we would like to tell you these also:

How do you fend the beta of Lost Ark? (1,485 votes)

Super! — 56.56% — 840 votes
Good — 23.77% — 353 votes
OK — 10.50% — 156 votes
Not so good — 4.78% — 71 votes
Bad — 4.37% — 65 votes

How do you fend the beta of New World? (3,058 votes)

Super! — 30.44% — 931 votes
Good — 34.36% — 1,051 votes
Ok — 19.45% — 595 votes
Not so good — 8.99% — 275 votes
Terrible — 6.73% — 206 votes

Lost Ark talks fewer people and is therefore popular

Why did the Lost Ark Beta be so good? Lost Ark has a much smaller target group and that s not just on our side. While Lost Ark could only achieve almost half as many votes, as our New World survey, the result is also clear on Google trends.

Although LOST ARK has repeated rashes over and over again, but only very rarely comes to New World Ran. The general interest and thus the target group of Lost Ark is simply significantly smaller (via Google Trends).

What else sounds rather negative, but leads to positive results in the surveys. For a large part of the players who are interested in Lost Ark, probably discussed themselves with the game.

This is possible because Lost Ark has been running in Korea since 2018. So there is already massive content to the game and ways to inform yourself. Fans of Lost Ark knew relatively exactly what they expect in the beta.

This beta then did nothing but the prologues and the cash shop nothing new and brought that, for many of videos known gameplay to us. It was therefore comparatively little disappointment potential in the fans, which led to predominantly good votes. Andes at New World.

Why did you evaluate New World worse? In the Survey on New World, especially that the beta has been titled more often than good when she great! was called. Overall, Lost Ark came much better in the positive voices than New World.

This could be because New World responds a wider mass and generated a huge hype that it can hardly hold. In addition, New World has experienced several revisions and change of direction in its development.

It made it even for fans who have dealt with the game longer, difficult to grab what New World will be exact. This resulted in a much broader version of New World in the minds of many people than that was the case with a Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Beta Premiere/ New World Soon at Maint Is Over
If this version will not be fulfilled by the real New World, this leads to players rather disappointed by New World, because the MMORPG can not be so fair to personal claims and hype, as hoped.

The technical aspect is not negligible

Where are the differences? Also in terms of the technical side, Lost Ark, logically, could prize. Sure, Lost Ark also had some bugs and glitches that were unpleasant.

Nevertheless, the game also technically realized that the scaffold has been around and liquid for several years now. Also queues, there was only a launch of the beta in Lost Ark and these were wanted and announced by the developers before.

NEW WORLD did not have this advantage because it is a completely new game. It was technically worse in comparison, ran less stable and had severe weighing bugs and mistakes.

Of course, that can cause players to be disappointed by the beta or just only good and not great! found.

What do you think? Have you played both betas and which fountains her better? Can you compare the betas in your opinion? Or do you see other reasons for the votes than us? Write us in the comments here on Mango.

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